The Path of the Desert Wanderer

Things are happening down in Lake Havasu. Havasu Smash has been going at it with their weekly tournaments for over a year now and the top dogs have mostly remained the same. Over 50 weekly tournaments have happened and until recently, there’s only been one player to win those tournaments. Daniels. Well now, things might be changing. Other players are now challenging him for the throne.


In 2009, 3 of the leaders of what would today become Havasu Smash lined up for first period freshman PE Class. Daniels, Dusttin and Aces all met in that first class of their high school years. All of which were there when the Nintendo 64 was brought out of the closet in 2014. They all played on an HD TV for a year before they discovered the competitive scene. At the start of 2015 Havasu Smash as we know it, was born.

Dusttin, friends with Cody Daniels, became one of the top players in Havasu as a Fox player. Back in 2015, Dusttin’s Fox quickly became king in the Havasu community. Daniels and Dusttin would battle for supremacy with Green and Purple Foxes on the HD TV. As more players became involved in the scene, Dusttin took a short hiatus but he then returned stronger. He began teaming with his long time friend Daniels at tournaments such as ODS I and Snosa. Following ODS I and Genesis 3, Havasu started their weekly tournaments and began the local competitive drive Dusttin and other players needed to get better.   

19184408_1415938795119565_209521318_nAfter the weeklies started, the birth of the Power Rankings were soon to follow. The top 4 on the list consisted of Daniels, Dusttin, Aces and SonicFuzz. Daniels and Dusttin battled it out in Fox dittos for many games of their sets in the early days of the weeklies. Until around Havasu Smash 10, when Dusttin picked up and quickly learned the way of the Rat, Pikachu. Daniels believed Dusttin started going Pikachu in their matches, instead of their tradition of going Fox dittos week after week, because he now believed he had what it took to take Daniels down. Dusttin, Aces and Sonicfuzz battled it out for their spots in the top 4. Many tournaments and months had passed and nobody had yet taken a set off of Daniels. Until July 16, 2016. Havasu Smash 19 was going as expected when Dusttin pulled out Pika to face Daniels in winners finals. He made history upsetting Daniels 3-2 and advancing to Grand Finals where he fell just short of winning the whole tournament. Dusttin made history by taking the first set, but was not satisfied as he wanted to be the one to take the first tournament. Sonicfuzz followed by making his mark on history by taking his first set off of Daniels. It seemed that Daniels was getting closer than ever to losing his first tournament. Come Havasu Smash 28, the day had come when Dusttin and Daniels battled it out for 3 sets before Dusttin won and made a lasting impression on Havasu Smash. To this day Dusttin has been the only one to take a tournament off of Daniels. He’s taken a total of two tournaments off of him with more than 10 sets as well. The only other player to take a set of Daniels is Sonicfuzz.

Dusttin (Left Center) and Aces (Right Center) face off with the Havasu Crew.

Dusttin has attended multiple majors including both ODSs, Snosa and Genesis 4. He teamed with Stranded at ODS 2 and they made a run to 9th place before being eliminated by team CodyKeroppi. Dusttin has slowly been climbing his way up through the ranks of the Smash Bros. community and was on the cusp of making bracket at Genesis 4 and Snosa. He’s leveled up in the months since Genesis 4. We expect a great showing when he and the Havasu scene travel out to Snosa 3 on June 16. Daniels and Dusttin will once again team at Snosa 3. Tune in to  the Super Smash Bros 64 League Twitch to see how Dusttin and the Havasu Smash Scene perform at Snosa 3.


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