The Smash Writers Get a Logo!


By Jason ” Nardwell” Mani

The Smash Writers are happy to announce that we have finally gotten an official logo! Created by the wonderfully talented Sandy Tang, we believe our logo will give us a unique identity that people can identify with. You will start seeing the logo wherever you find The Smash Writers, such as on our blog, Facebook or Twitter. The idea for the logo came naturally from our two passions: Super Smash Bros. and writing. Therefore, Master Hand penning our name seemed obvious.

To kick off our new logo we are launching a Tee Republic campaign where you will be able to purchase official Smash Writers tee shirts to help support us in our quest to bring you the highest quality Smash 64 content.

We hope you like our new look and feel. Look out for a full store coming soon to our blog where you will be able to buy all sorts of official Smash Writers gear to help support our dream of making Smash 64 as great as it can be!



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