YouTube 64 Spotlight: Havasu Smash 64

By Ben “Bacorn” Corn

You don’t have to worry about getting Shrekt or yelling “Go Baltimore” to enjoy these YouTube channels.

The featured Super Smash Bros. 64 YouTube channel this week is Havasu Smash 64.

If you follow 64, you know about Havasu. It’s one of the best scenes in the U.S. and came to fruition almost completely based off the sheer willpower of Daniels, its benevolent leader.

Currently, Havasu’s YouTube channel focuses on VODs of tournaments and money matches. In fact, the $500 MM between Daniels and Smurf and KeroKeroppi’s 2v1 comeback from ODS are the two most-viewed videos on the channel, both nearing 300 views.

The channel also has some videos chronicling the adventures of the Havasu Smashers, mostly Daniels. In fact, Daniels says his favorite video is one of the Havasu guys getting kicked out of their hotel for SNOSA II.

Daniels said he plans to make more feature videos like that, but also wants to make sure he always has plenty of gameplay for Smash fans to watch.

“Yeah we’re planning on making highlight vids that are funny/interesting/crazy shit that happens etc. and I also have made two videos documenting my travels to GOML and SNOSA,” Daniels said. “I want to continue the momentum by streaming for major tournaments from now on as opposed to just our weeklies and ODS.”

So check out the Havasu channel and drop them a subscribe! I’m sure Daniels and the rest of the crew would appreciate it!


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