The Weekly Smashback 9/5/16: Weekend at Cody’s

By Jason “Nardwell” Mani

Operation Desert Smash II

Life clings on where it can in the Arizona desert.

Thursday, September 8th saw some of Super Smash Bros. 64’s finest begin to descend on the desert oasis of Lake Havasu City. The flight over the desert and drive in from Las Vegas offered some of the most spectacular views. The desert meadows and imposing mountains looming in the distance gave an otherworldly feeling to the trip. As TO Cody “Daniels” Daniels was picking up the first wave of competitors, they encountered a slight speed bump. Cody was rear ended on his way to the airport and hit his head during the collision. Despite this, he was able to take extra precautions throughout the weekend and allow himself extra rest all while running the tournament flawlessly. Thursday and Friday night were filled with friendlies into the wee hours of the morning. Other activities included three man trips down the slide, a battle to see who could stay in the pool the longest and a handful of table tennis throwdowns. The main events, singles and doubles, started on Saturday afternoon and were filled with a multitude of hype matches. Despite numerous upsets, and some next level play from both Team Mexico and dext3r, Team Mejor and SuPeRbOoMfAn took the titles in the end. As Sunday arrived, the weekend was capped off by a poignant speech by Daniels. He expressed his gratitude for everyone coming out and having a good time. He also left the future of the ODS series in question, announcing that he and his wife were expecting a child and that he would need much more help from the community for the event to happen next year. All-in-all, on behalf of The Smash Writers and the Smash 64 community we thank Mr. Daniels from the bottom of our hearts for all he does to help grow the community. Look for a full recap of the tournament soon.

Boss Battle 2 Takes a Detour

As Boss Battle draws near a rift has come to light between TO Ben “Bacorn” Corn and Secretary General of the Super Smash Bros. League Chris “Studstill” Studstill. On Tuesday morning, Bacorn called out Studstill on the SSB64 Community Facebook group to address purported issues Studstill has with how BB2 is being handled. The main issue, as told by Barcorn, started thusly,

I told Studstill that I will be donating $800 to the tournament from my own bank to help get us better food and such. It’s something I’m doing voluntarily and not out of necessity. This has apparently deeply disturbed him into the point where he’s trying to create a coup in Indy to “replace” me.

He then went on to announce the dropping of the SSBL name from the tournament in his next statement,

BB2 is officially removing its affiliation with the SSBL. The SSBL and Studstill failed to deliver anything of material to BB2 and assignments handed to them have not been completed. A lot of false promises were made and there is no reason for us to attach our brand with an organization that isn’t contributing anything for us. We can assure you that BB2 will operate as expected and this change does not affect the experience for anyone.

Studstill then responded with a conversation between him and Dogs_Johson. The conversation seemed to validate Bacorn’s point but the full thread can be found on the SSB64 Community Facebook page, where readers can draw their own conclusions. The thread then dissolved into memes and tangential allegations. In the end, David “Shears” Shears, President of the SSBL, called for the resignation of Studstill for the SSBL to be able to continue growing, citing a need for better public relations and the face of the league needing to be a trusted one. As of the present, Daniel “SotoH” Soto, one the the moderators of the SSB64 Community, has banned Studstill following allegations of the embezzlement of funds from the SSBL. There has been no further action from the SSBL currently. We await to see how the captains of the clubs and President David Shears will proceed moving forward.

SuperBoomed Draws Near


On Tuesday, September 15th, the second round of SuperBoomed registration and voting for the second round closed with SuPeRbOoMfAn leading by five votes. It appears the Super Smash Con 2016 and ODS II champion will be the second top player flown out to attend the tournament. Boom joins Alvin atop a stacked list of top players expected to attend. The tournament currently has 52 attendees for its Smash 64 exclusive tournament. Notable registrants include BarkSanchez and Shears from Baltimore, Fireblaster, Firo, Cobr and more. Many are hopeful to see the Koroshiyo brothers, KeroKeroppi and Stranded, attend as well, due to the convenient location of the venue. There will be two more rounds of registration and voting and the cost will increase by $5 each round. The rounds will each last one week and a final emergency round of registration will cost $60.


The Rest

Event Player Media
ODS II Single (AZ) Full Bracket
1st SuPeRbOoMfAn Twitch
2nd Dext3r YouTube
3rd Koroshiyo | KeroKeroppi
4th Koroshiyo | Stranded
5th Derek
5th BDSM | BarkSanchez
7th GODS | Revan
7th Heropie
ODS II Doubles (AZ) Full Bracket
1st SuPeRbOoMfAn / JamieHR Twitch
2nd tacos / Dext3r
3rd Revan / Derek
4th Shears / BarkSanchez
SSBL 8 Full Bracket
1st Shears Twitch
2nd DarkHorse YouTube
3rd The Protagonist
4th Daniel
Smash Loft Labor Day (QC) Full Bracket
1st SSBMTL | The Z Twitch
2nd GODS | Revan YouTube
3rd Janco
4th GODS | Sextc
AVGC (NJ) Full Bracket
1st Dan
2nd CuppaJoe
3rd Odonnell
4th David
SFS #26 Pre-ODS (SoCal) Full Bracket
1st Revan Twitch
2nd SotoH YouTube
3rd BarkSanchez
4th Janitor



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