5 Reasons You Should Spend Your Friday Night Watching An Australian Smash 64 Major

By Jesse “Sweetchilli” Rosenberg

This weekend will be host to one of the most stacked SSB64 tournaments the country has ever seen. No, I’m not talking about Shine in Boston, because we don’t live in the U.S. We live in Australia, God’s country. And while it doesn’t feature SuPeRbOoMfAn, Super Smash Bros. 64 at the Sydney-based Ozhadou Fighting Games National (OHN) will be the best Australian Smash that has ever been witnessed.

Here’s 5 reasons to watch it:

  1. International Sponsorship!
    This tournament is big for the Australian scene, and not just in numbers – It’s the first SSB64 tourney in Australian history to receive international sponsorship.The winner of 64 at OHN will receive a brand new joystick donated by our international partner and general good-guy company Enkko.
  2. Interstate Rivalries
    It’s also the first tournament that has seen multiple players travel interstate to attend. Previous tournaments like BAM 7 or Project Melbourne 2 managed a couple of interstaters, but OHN has nine Victorians coming up, five of whom are driving for 9 hours in a car with a CRT plugged into the cigarette lighter. If that wasn’t enough to wet your whistle, here’s some words from Australia’s Smash 64 Ambassador, Pete Charalambous, about why you don’t want to miss this tournament. “OHN will probably be the most stacked Australian tournament to date,” says Pete. “Traditionally Sydney and Melbourne have only been able to play online so finally we will have a clear image of which city is better.”
  3. Kirbymon
    Originating from Sydney, Number 1 seed – and possibly Australia’s best 64 player – Kirbymon, is a mythical Keyboard player who will be seen for the first time with a keyboard on console at OHN, thanks to Melbourne Player James who is bringing the adaptor he made. Kirbymon is no joke, in the past managing to take games off infamous cheater and macro user/TASer Emmi Zhang.
  4. Australia’s Recent Growth
    While he’s annoyed that he won’t be able to make it, Pete is excited about what OHN means for the Australian smash scene as a whole. “This tournament is straight off the back of Melbourne’s first monthly,” says Pete. Which has seen new players and veterans improving significantly. This tournament is the beginning of an Australian renaissance of Smash 64.”
  5. Commentary
    If you hadn’t heard, Australians are the best commentators, so make sure you plug your headphones in and prepare yourself for some bloody stunning vocals.

The Tournament will be streamed at SSB 64 Australia   with top 16 starting around 11  p.m. EDT and uploaded to the SSB64 Australia YouTube channel.

Jesse “Sweetchilli” Rosenberg is a 22-year-old writer and smash player/TO living in Sydney, Australia. He likes making low quality videos, playing low quality smash, and eating cheap, low quality Thai food. He plays Falcon, but like most Smash players, is a Ness main at heart.


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