Smash 64 Combo Contest at Super Smash Con

By Jamie “JAMJAR” Jacobs

Day 1 of Super Smash Con 2016 featured a brand new event for Super Smash Bros. 64, perhaps even for the entirety of the series. The organizers of SSC have recognized the unique potential that 64 has to create exhilarating combos. They decided to hold a combo contest for six of the top  comboers in the game. Eduardo “Tacos” Tovar, Arturo “Mariguas” Hernandez, Prince, Thomas “Kort” Keselik, Alvin “Alvin” Leon Haro and Yoshua “Dext3r” Peral Castillo competed over the course of three rounds to give the crowd the show of a lifetime. The crowd could barely handle its excitement as combo after combo unfolded, practically exploding after Prince pulled off the highlight of the night in Round 1. After an hour of fun, Prince, the combo master of lore, was named champion of the contest. Below you will find some of the highlights from this night, though the entire event deserves to be watched on VG Bootcamp’s YouTube channel for all of the combos and the great commentary work by Ryan “Clubbadubba” Clubb and Justin “JV” Varghese, the amazing hosting skills of Andre “Banze” Luiz Almeida and the funny faces our judges made while having to decide scores for these elites players.

Alvin’s Flashy First Round Falcon Combo

Kort’s Styling First Round Bomb Combo

Mariguas’ Best Attempt at His Epic Mouth Taunt Cancel Combo

Prince’s Face Melting Falcon Combo On Mushroom Kingdom

Dexter’s Shiny Fox Combo With an Explosive Finish

Prince’s Final Round Combo



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