Super Smash Con: Vendor Highlights

By: Jamie “JAMJAR” Jacobs

Super Smash Con will be a rare opportunity for Smashers of all varieties to experience the many facets of Smash outside of the games themselves. Fans of Smash 64 will have the chance to buy many unique items ranging from posters to overclocked consoles, to listen to the prominent members of the premier 64 podcast, or to replenish their stock of high quality controllers.

The Super Smash Bros. League has commissioned three pieces of art for this historic tournament. Chris “Studstill” Studstill will be on site selling these custom made posters by the head of SSBL Art and Design, Sandy “Tangerine” Tang. “Ready to Fight?” depicts the classic imagery of Dreamland, the primary legal stage across the entirety of 64. “Legalize” is an image of Hyrule Castle, the highly controversial stage that some players wish to see legalized for competition once again. “Champions, SSC Commemorative” depicts the top 4 seeds of this legendary tournament and their main character. These well-crafted pieces of art will be sold at $15, $15 and $20 respectively, or $40 for all three. SSBL members get $5 off. Poster holders will be on hand, while the vendors hope to have a few options for frames. Studstill notes, “It’s not about the sale, or profit. These are at cost. What it’s about is bettering the experience for all players of SSB64.” Tangerine also has a series of websites hosting her other art: FacebookThe Seventh StationInstagram and Tumblr.

Jim “$$$ Jim $$$” Orris is going to be heading up a panel for some of the prominent Smashers who have appeared on his well-known podcast: The Dream Land. The panelists will be $$$ Jim $$$ himself, Ben “Bacorn” Corn, Joey “KeroKeroppi” Spezoli, Stef “Pidgezero_one” Kischak and Jimmy “Jimmy Joe” McGurl. The goal of this panel will be to drum up interest in our scene as well as inform the masses about the context of some of the most intriguing rivalries. $$$ Jim $$$ wants you to know, “If you’ve ever been interested in watching 64 but don’t know where to start, we’ll help explain the utter insanity that is about to go down at Smash Con!” The panel will be held Friday, 8/12, at 10 A.M. EST.

Andy “Mr. Sir” Vargas, the founder of ENKKO, an initiative to create more sustainable stick parts for our controllers, will have a booth to show off and explain his work. This hard working entrepreneur will be set up near the Smash 64 section of the venue. Mr. Sir will have giveaways, an N64 and CRT to try out his prototypes, a list to pre-order parts and further info on his endeavor. “We are dedicated to providing the best replacement parts for the Nintendo 64 controller. After getting our Kickstarter funded, we were able to re-engineer the parts and replicate the original joystick. Soon we will have the bowl and the gears ready which will endure thorough endurance testing. We also have plans to help out the 64 scene with sponsorships and pot bonuses. All in the works.”

Prototype ENKKO stick. Photo credit: Andy “Mr. Sir” Vargasw

Kris Ianieri, wife of the man behind The Lab in Philadelphia, will be heading up a booth selling some interesting items. They will be offering both overclocked and HDMI modded consoles as well as tons of controllers. The Lab team will be promoting their stream and venue, as well as meeting their long time fans. Their booth is located in the main venue hall, not in the vendors hall. Also of note, The Lab team will be raffling off a high quality Audia Technica E70 earbuds, normally a $399 value, along with having multiple deals for a variety of other headphones or headsets. “We are so excited to meet our viewers in person and get a chance to socialize and play with smashers from all over! We are thrilled to be able to be a part of this and to spread our mission to bring people together through eSports!”


Multi-Shine Designs logo

Multi Shine Designs, headed up by Jason Kodiak, will be in attendance selling their multitude of wares. In regards to Smash 64, Multi-Shine Designs specializes in controllers of all colors. W
hile they have many controllers available, their stock will surely sell quickly due to the excitement surrounding this event. They will have a CRT and console to let potential customers try out their controllers, as each player has unique preferences in sticks. Here is a Google doc with a list of their extensive stock. “Multi-Shine Designs strives to change the way players purchase controllers. Our goal is to work with the customer to help them find what works best for them so they can perform to the best of their abilities.”

Dane “The Protagonist” Howard has recently begun a venture of creating uniquely overclocked consoles. Over the past month, he started a venture to create overclocked consoles that are easy to work as standard ones. Included in this set up are a light indicating when the console is in overclocked mode, a single switch to enable the feature and a fan. Consoles will be sold at $90 and in limited numbers, as many of his consoles are already preordered. While he will not have a booth, Protagonist will be around the venue with his wares at the ready, though he notes it is likely easier to hit him up on Facebook. He also encourages any Smasher to bring a broken overclocked console, as he will be repairing them over the weekend for $15. Protagonist is very serious about his endeavor, as he believes, “Operating an OC console should be as simple as a normal console.”


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