64 Free For All: Super Smash Con

The 64 Free For All is a question session with some of the biggest names in Smash 64, plus a bonus section for our own BarkSanchez to voice his thoughts. 6 questions, 4 top personalities. Today we have three international players looking to make waves and the man who is the mind behind the whole event. Note: due to a translation error, Alvin was unable to answer two of these questions.

  1. With the recent revitalization of 64, the meta has been changing very quickly. Characters like Yoshi are being explored much further than previously, exposing untapped potential. Some argue that the tier list is still inaccurate and is in need of a refresh. Which character(s) do you see becoming more popular in competitive play in the near future? Which will see a drop off in usage?

Takashi “bonobono” Suyama: Pikachu is too strong so he will reign from now on. C[aptain]F[alcon] and Yoshi could exterminate rats, so they will be seen more frequently at tournaments. Kirby and Fox have advantages over C[aptain]F[alcon] and Yoshi; however, they have trouble winning against Pikachu. If asked which character will become popular compared to now, I would answer Fox. He has the potential.

André “Banze” Luiz Almeida: It is really hard to say which characters are dropping really. Yoshi has definitely improved a lot in the past few years, and I still think he has a lot to grow. I see Jiggly going up and Mario. Kirby might be going down a little bit.  I think he doesn’t have that many options to work with.

Alvin “Alvin” Leon Haro: N/A

Justin “Justin” Wykowski: This is always a fun conversation that seems to come up in full force at least a few times a year. I’m personally excited at how much growth is still left with all characters, even some of the “low tiers” – but if I had to guess, I’d say we are very much moving towards a Fox/Yoshi/Falcon future. And I think we’re already starting to witness a Kirby drop-off to be honest. Can’t wait to see where it goes!

  1. The funding projects of our scene raised quite a bit of money to bring top talent together for this premier tournament. What other players would you like to see funded going forward? How can we do a better job in raising that money?

bonobono: I want to play with wario and fukurou at a tournament using the American version. However, they can’t go to SSC, not because of money, but because of a busy schedule.

Banze: It’s a really tricky question. I really don’t have any idea on how to do a better job on raising the money because it has already done an amazing job. As far as players go, I would like to see some other Peruvians such as marka or Gerson. Though it’s really hard to get them a visa. And Japanese such as fukuro or sekirei.

Alvin: Another player I would like to see and play seriously is Jousuke.

Justin: The fundraising the 64 community has done over the last year or so is incredible. I think it’s a tough thing to wrangle with as 64 continues to get traction. One of the keys I could see going forward is other communities/new players to 64. One reason Melee exploded so quickly was the wide-appeal and support across gaming in general (even 64 players donated to the EVO drive a few years back). Soon enough though – I’m sure 64 will be up there with the big boys.

  1. Team Mejor (SuPeRbOoMfAn and JaimeHR) have been dominating the doubles scene for quite a long time. With Super Smash Con having such a large collection of talent, is there any team you think could possibly give them some trouble? Will we see an upset of this doubles mainstay?

bonobono: In Japan, team battles are not hugely popular or important because of the lag they cause in the game. So I don’t know the best team players, it may be difficult for the Japanese to defeat them.

Banze: I think so! Team LUV has been improving a lot, and now we have Alvin teaming with Isai. If there is any chance for Team Mejor to go down for the first time, it would be this.
I’m really excited for teams!

Alvin: I did not know boomfan and jaime were the best team. I only see full versus 1 on 1.

Justin: This is probably the most predictable answer – but I think Isai/Alvin take them down.

  1. SuPeRbOoMfAn staked his claim as the top player of North America with his showings this year. Who has the best chance to remove him from his position and when will that happen?

bonobono: I’ll talk about only the players I know, except the Japanese. Revan could defeat boom’s C[aptian]F[alcon] because he uses Kirby; however, boom uses Pikachu, too. So I think tacos has the best chance if he uses only Yoshi.

Banze: Well, if it is only considering NA players, tacos and mariguas have the best chances I guess, but I really don’t see anybody defeating boom any time soon. His dominance has been so big it’s really hard to think someone would take his spot in the next two years maybe.

Alvin: I don’t know if anyone in North American can beat boomfan if isai does not play seriously.

Justin: I think Boom is going to continue to be the overwhelming NA favorite until proven otherwise. But a full power Isai (Pika/Kirby) certainly poses a huge threat even at SSC. It also wouldn’t completely floor me if Mariguas took a set off Boom somewhere down the line.

  1. What is your prediction for Top 8?

bonobono: 1. Bonobono
2. boom
3. Isai
4. Wangera
5. Prince
6. tacos
7. KeroKeroppi
8. Kurabba

Banze: This year top 8 is a huge mystery. I would say we will see Boom/alvin/bonobono/wangera/mariguas/tacos/prince/isai. Not in this order tho

Alvin: N/A

Justin: Gotta go with my gut:

  1. Isai
  2. Boom
  3. Bonobono
  4. Alvin
  5. Wangera
  6. Tacos
  7. Mariguas
  8. LD (had to pick one big surprise)

6. Now for the most important question: what country will reign supreme at Super Smash Con?

bonobono: I say, “Japan”.

Banze: For the number of players, I guess Japan will be dominant. But I’ll put my money on boom for this year’s SSC!!

Alvin: Peru!

Justin: I think it’s going to be tough to top Japan, considering Isai could end up being the only American in Top 8. Japan could literally end up with 4.

Free Barking with BarkSanchez

Currently Darkhouse is loaded with legends and top players from around the world. Boom, Alvin, Prince, Banze, Dext3r, the mysterious Kurabba, Kort and other players of various skill levels are all playing friendlies and seriouslies against people they don’t have the opportunity to play frequently. Yet I’m here on a couch, writing Free Barking. Someone should tell Kero couching is legal at Darkhouse. I’m itching to play more games with Dext3r and Kort so this will be fairly brief by my standards.

Everyone is talking about how Super Smash Con is the biggest Smash 64 tournament ever. Everyone knows how stacked this event is, yet most of the focus is on singles. Several players from Genesis 3’s Top 8 could be outclassed this time. Peru vs. Japan. Isai going Trysai. Boom vs. The World. Studstill vs. Level 9 Falcon CPU. Singles has earned the hype. However, this could be a historic event for Doubles. Team Mejor (SuPeRbOoMfAn and JaimeHR) nearly dropped a set to Kero and Isai at Snosa, and did drop a set against Team Mexico (Dext3r and Mariguas). With Isai teaming with Alvin, bonobono and Prince creating Team Japan A, Wangera and Kurabba forming Team Japan B and Team Mexico coming back stronger than ever, Top 8 could create vast shifts in the doubles meta. Many will tune in to see Team Mejor potentially be eliminated for the first time in years. I’m excited to see how the other high level USA teams (Firo and Nintendude, as well as KeroKeroppi and Stranded) perform. Regardless of the outcome, more people than ever are excited to see top level doubles play, to see the best pushed to the limit. With almost as many teams registered as singles entrants for Pound, there will be no shortage upsets from top to bottom. Get ready for the hype train.

CashBark B*tches


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