Super Smash Con Combo Contest

By Jason “Nardwell” Mani

This year, Super Smash Con has drawn the superpowers of Smash 64 from across the globe. This has prompted the first ever Smash 64 official combo contest to be held. The players will face off to see who can pull off the sickest combo. The competitors in the inaugural combo contest will be Alvin, Tacos, TR3G The Z, Prince, Mariguas, Dexter and Kort. The judges for the contest will be SuPeRbOoMfAn, KeroKeroppi, Isai and a secret mystery judge. These players have consistently shown us some of the sickest combos and will be able to recognize a dank combo. The preliminary rules are as follows: The competitors will have two minutes to pull off the sickest combo. The attempt will not end on the two minutes but will continue until then attempt is completed. The top four scorers will advance to the second round. The second round will then allow the competitors two chances at two minutes long to pull off a combo and the top two will advance and attempt two combos once more. The best score of the final round will be crowned champion of the combo contest. This should be one of the most fun contests of the weekend and scoring will be liberal. The whole event will be streamed on Check out some of the highlights from the entrants below.


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