The Weekly Smashback 7/25/16: Bark’s Road to Smash Con

This week we catch up with BarkSanchez, hear some disappointing news from KeroKeroppi and we give you the results of tournaments around the country. The Weekly Smashback, your source of all things Smash 64.


BarkSanchez’s Canadian Tour


This past week, The Great Josh Brody, otherwise know as BarkSanchez, embarked on a Smash 64 tour of Canada. His first stop was the revitalized Flaoc monthly in Toronto. Full details of this event can be found below. He would then land at Smash On Tap, the Toronto weekly. Finally, this weekend, he plans to attend Summit 2016 to wrap up his trip. More information on Summit 2016 can be found on the event page. He looks to use this tour as a training run for Super Smash Con coming up this week. He is in good hands too, with the likes of Revan, YBOMBB and Fck Vwls nearby to train with. Let us hope it pays off and Baltimore’s top player can give us a show against the deep international talent at Smash Con.

KeroKeroppi Not Attending Shine

Earlier this week we received the unfortunate news, via a tweet, that KeroKeroppi will be unable to attend Shine 2016 later this month.


This news is dissappointing, especially since two of Kero’s biggest rivals will be attending in the form of Tacos and SuPeRbOoMfAn. We always like to see the highest quality Smash 64 at events, but due to a scheduling conflict, we will not be seeing it this time around. Thankfully, we will be able to finish off the Summer of Smash strong with Operation Desert Smash II, where 50 lucky smashers have already prergistered, this September.

The Rest

Flaoc #19


This past week saw the newest edition of one of Canada’s most sucessful monthlies. Founded by Pidgezero_one, the Flaoc series has been a staple in the Toronto Smash 64 scene for over a year and a half. This time around the Canadians were met by an American invader in the form of BarkSanchez, the winner of the inauguaral season of the Super Smash Bros. League Baltimore Club. The other 12 competitors would be eager to learn from Bark and have a chance to try and beat him. Bark and YBOMBB slid right into Grand Finals, with Bark dropping but one game to FCK VWLS. In Winners Finals, Bark was able to 3-0 YBOMBB in three close games as Pikachu against YBOMBB’s Captain Falcon and Jigglypuff. Would YBOMBB be able to react to put up a fight in Grands? Unfortunately, it was not meant to be and YBOMBB would fall to a sweep once more in Grand Finals. Honorable mentions go to Davion. The scrappy player was able to win three losers bracket sets defeating FCK VWLS along the way but ultimately was taken out by Sax in Losers Semifinals.


Event Player Media
Flaoc #19 Full Bracket
1st BarkSanchez Twitch
3rd Sax
4th Davion
Smash On Tap #63 Full Bracket
1st Revan
2nd BarkSanchez
3rd Preston
SSBL Baltimore Club S2 W2 Full Bracket
1st Robert Twitch
2nd MHJ YouTube
3rd Darkhorse
4th Daniel
Smash Loft #82
1st Captain Fabulous Full Bracket
2nd Hypnoric
3rd lawliver
4th Win Cancel
Havasu #20 Full Bracket
1st Daniels Twitch
2nd Dusttin
3rd SonicFuzz
4th Aces
Grid Games Weekly 64 (CT) Full Bracket
1st Natendo
2nd Sun Vulcan YouTube
3rd Spongy
4th Gildo

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