5 Reasons You Should Spend Your Friday Night Watching An Australian Smash 64 Major

By Jesse “Sweetchilli” Rosenberg

This weekend will be host to one of the most stacked SSB64 tournaments the country has ever seen. No, I’m not talking about Shine in Boston, because we don’t live in the U.S. We live in Australia, God’s country. And while it doesn’t feature SuPeRbOoMfAn, Super Smash Bros. 64 at the Sydney-based Ozhadou Fighting Games National (OHN) will be the best Australian Smash that has ever been witnessed.

Here’s 5 reasons to watch it:

  1. International Sponsorship!
    This tournament is big for the Australian scene, and not just in numbers – It’s the first SSB64 tourney in Australian history to receive international sponsorship.The winner of 64 at OHN will receive a brand new joystick donated by our international partner and general good-guy company Enkko.
  2. Interstate Rivalries
    It’s also the first tournament that has seen multiple players travel interstate to attend. Previous tournaments like BAM 7 or Project Melbourne 2 managed a couple of interstaters, but OHN has nine Victorians coming up, five of whom are driving for 9 hours in a car with a CRT plugged into the cigarette lighter. If that wasn’t enough to wet your whistle, here’s some words from Australia’s Smash 64 Ambassador, Pete Charalambous, about why you don’t want to miss this tournament. “OHN will probably be the most stacked Australian tournament to date,” says Pete. “Traditionally Sydney and Melbourne have only been able to play online so finally we will have a clear image of which city is better.”
  3. Kirbymon
    Originating from Sydney, Number 1 seed – and possibly Australia’s best 64 player – Kirbymon, is a mythical Keyboard player who will be seen for the first time with a keyboard on console at OHN, thanks to Melbourne Player James who is bringing the adaptor he made. Kirbymon is no joke, in the past managing to take games off infamous cheater and macro user/TASer Emmi Zhang.
  4. Australia’s Recent Growth
    While he’s annoyed that he won’t be able to make it, Pete is excited about what OHN means for the Australian smash scene as a whole. “This tournament is straight off the back of Melbourne’s first monthly,” says Pete. Which has seen new players and veterans improving significantly. This tournament is the beginning of an Australian renaissance of Smash 64.”
  5. Commentary
    If you hadn’t heard, Australians are the best commentators, so make sure you plug your headphones in and prepare yourself for some bloody stunning vocals.

The Tournament will be streamed at SSB 64 Australia   with top 16 starting around 11  p.m. EDT and uploaded to the SSB64 Australia YouTube channel.

Jesse “Sweetchilli” Rosenberg is a 22-year-old writer and smash player/TO living in Sydney, Australia. He likes making low quality videos, playing low quality smash, and eating cheap, low quality Thai food. He plays Falcon, but like most Smash players, is a Ness main at heart.


Shine 2016 Preview: Boston Battle

By Josh “BarkSanchez” Brody

With two weeks passed, we have all had plenty of time to let the air out following the mass pandemonium that was Super Smash Con 2016. Nothing is guaranteed anymore. The top four that would previously have seemed all but set on paper now shows holes. SuPeRbOoMfAn is still the favorite to win, but tacos will be pumped up for a chance to close the gap. Tacos has no time to feel deflated following the most disappointing performance of his Smash career. Look for him to take what has slipped through his grasp more than once this year: his first win against Boom. Meanwhile, the number 3 seed BarkSanchez also came out flat in another disappointing supermajor performance, while number 4 seed Fireblaster is coming off an impressive loser’s run. Neither of these two will need extra motivation to steal second place. They will, however, need to be at the top of their games to maintain their place among the elite. One thing is for sure: no one will feel cheated out of a great show this weekend in New England.

Biting at the heels of Bark and Fire will be Shears and Dajjal, both consistently impressive players on the big stage. Baltimore’s Shears, originally from New England, hasn’t missed a step with his Pikachu at big events, despite training his Yoshi almost exclusively outside of majors. Dajjal, a New Hampshire Kirby/Fox/Donkey Kong player, formerly known as Karajan, joins Fireblaster as one of the top players of the New England region aiming to defend their home turf. The Northeasterners will have to tackle the MDVA trio of Mr. Sir, Shears, and BarkSanchez before worrying about fending off Boom and tacos. SPY | Nintendude and Mr. Marbles round out the top 8, although they’ll have their hands full fighting off several seasoned veterans. Yunque from New Hampshire, Madrush21 from Colorado and Mr. Sir from Northern Virginia all make for formidable second seeds in their pools, capable of sneaking their way into top 8.

Shine marks the major debut of a large portion of the New England Smash 64 community. While Fireblaster brought a large core of Connecticut players to SSC, some of the strongest players from the Connecticut weekly scene, Grid Games Weekly, will be making their debut at Shine. KaZ and Gildo, Fireblaster’s two strongest protégés, enter their first major as strong sleepers from their region. Hotline and Natendo are also strong candidates to burst out on the scene in their first big event, following months of training from their Yoshi-sensei. They will join Daddy’s Milk, Sun Vulcan and Greeno, all fresh off a long weekend at SSC, for a chance to make a name for themselves and an opportunity to display the results of Fireblaster’s months of work building a 64 scene.

Massachusetts also features several players active in the community, or their local scenes, who will be making their major debut. Heny935, the(.)(.) and Bread have all honed their skills at the Excelsior Smash 64 events in their home state. Purtle has also seen action at Excelsior games, making the transition from netplay to console after years of activity, while DONG | Bonerstorm will get an opportunity to apply what he learned from Apex 2016 in order to build a legend out of a legendary name. The New Hampshire trio of Dajjal, Yunque and Zuko have made trips to Massachusetts alongside Connecticut to help the growing scene train, and perhaps take their money. Shine will be a good opportunity for the new scene to test its mettle.

They will be a part of a fierce battle to make Top 32 bracket, featuring players from numerous regions across the country. A to the Z, a Ffox/Kirby main formerly known as Andykinz, has attended several events including Super Smash Con, and will be joined by Michigan’s top player, the Ness/Puff main Scoback, to form a solid one-two punch. Tyhiggz and LLCStoism hope to make Ohio proud, while KillaHertz leads his Nebulous crew into the heart of Boston, a land not too kind to New Yorkers. Tonester, B.I. and Shihman will join Nintendude as NorCal representatives, with Shihman coming hot off of a double elimination upset of Nintendude at Truth or Dair 4 last weekend. Finally, Apparition the Ambassador and Sunflower are making the hike all the way from Pennsylvania, although Apparition will be fighting for Baltimore as a proud member of the Super Smash Bros. League’s Baltimore Club. Anything goes come Saturday afternoon, as many of these regions will clash for the first time ever.

Doubles at Shine will feature SuPeRbOoMfAn and tacos approaching with a familiar strategy of teaming the top two players together, a plan which earned them first place at Super Smash Con 2015 and Pound 2016. Nintendude and Fireblaster each have incredible doubles records both together and separately; it would be no surprise for them to give Boom and tacos more trouble than they bargained for.  BarkSanchez and Madrush have reuinited the winning team from Boss Battle 1, hoping that team BarkRush can “BarKrush” the competition once again. Team ShearMarbles and DajjalBread, the 4 and 5 seeds respectively, will aim for success in their first endeavors, attempting to overcome the experience the top 3 teams have together. Keep an eye out for teams Michigan (Scoback and A to the Z) and Norcal (Tonester and B.I.) to take advantage of their team chemistry to push into the top 5.

Smash 64 Top 32 Singles will be streamed by Great Value Smash starting at 3 p.m. EST on Saturday. This team is responsible for streaming the Grid Games Weekly so Smash 64 fans are likely to recognize this group. The Top 8 bracket will be streamed by VGBC starting at 11 a.m. EST on Sunday. Doubles bracket will be streamed by Big Blue eSports starting at 6 p.m. EST on Friday.

An Insider Look at Competitive Smash 64 – Dark Gentleman

The- journey from a “best in my friend group” player who got 0-2’d at his first tournament to a regular competitor with a winning record.

Stop by Nebulous Gaming NYC’s weekly Smash 64 event and there is a good chance you will be locked on Dreamland with my Jigglypuff at some point. I am one of many players who have joined the fray in what I can only describe as a renaissance of the game. I know from reading online posts that the community has had a surge both in popularity and infrastructure. From my point of view, I joined a fully developed and well supported tournament system and community. Although I have a long way to go as a competitive Smash player, I’ve also improved immeasurably since my first tournament. It can be daunting when you first get involved. Many players will seem unbeatable.  This article is a tribute to the up-and-comers out there; my perspective on joining the Smash 64 scene and rising up the ranks.

The Nebs Crew
The Nebulous crew are a tight knit bunch who love New York City almost as much as they love Smash 64.

I’m a natural-born competitor. The past four years I’ve been primarily committed to combat sports: Boxing, Muay Thai, and especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. These offer a very pure type of contest environment. One-on-one. Your skills, knowledge, and training against mine. Smash 64 appeals to me because, from a mental perspective, I actually find it very similar to fighting. Make a defensive error and you will pay for it. Become a bit too predictable and you will pay for it. However, as long as you have a stock left to play, you are still in the match.

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a smaller and weaker competitor can most often beat a larger opponent if he/she has superior knowledge and experience. However, if the larger fighter has equal knowledge, the advantage usually swings back to favor size and strength. This is the Smash equivalent of spacing vs tech skill. My experience has been that with good enough spacing, you can defeat a decent number of solid opponents. However, an adversary with a certain degree of technical superiority will prove a very steep challenge.

For years, it was enough to compete in Smash against my close friends. We battled in 4-stock free-for-alls, all maps permitted except Zebes, all items on except, of course, hammers, hearts, tomatoes, and stars. It seems bizarre to me now, but that style of play is most certainly alive and well in some circles. We were ignorant of the game’s many nuanced technical moves, but we were fiercely competitive with each other none-the-less. I found out how to “tech” on recovery and I magically started winning every game against my buddies. If this sounds like the typical story… that’s because it is. I still have just as much fun playing Smash as I did back in those anarchic free-for-all days on Saffron City. Although I’ll admit that competing, commentating, and improving are a touch more satisfying. You have to travel to a tournament to discover how much you really don’t know about the game you’ve played forever.

Reptar (the NYC version) and I learned a little bit of tech together before attending our first weekly. We were both knocked out of the tournament with a score of 0-2. Q! traveled from PA to NYC to visit Nebulous and he 5 stocked me using Samus. That night my only accolade was winning a single friendly (out of about fifteen) against KoRoBeNiKi. Competing at Nebulous offers an opportunity to face off against a fantastic variety of styles and characters. Firo’s popular all-action low tiers are a constant feature. Jimmy Joe threatens with his spacing and counterattacks. Zeppelin has a high-pressure Falcon while Reptar’s style, with the same character, is more defensive. Kelvinheit’s Pika will sometimes play extremely aggressively and then go on defense the next time you play him. kHz’s smash IQ and skill make him a dangerous and adaptable player in any match.

Every local scene has a multitude of narratives. Mine is that of a player who did more research, played more, and came back. Jimmy Joe invited me to play him 1-on-1 a few hours before he got on a plane to commentate Hitstun 3. I found out Zeppelin and I were neighbors and we started training more. I went to a Nexus tournament where melee players have a Smash 64 night and came in second (thanks for nothing, Smash Jesus). I entered more Nebulous weeklies and won a few sets. I gave a couple of top players on the scene a good challenge, and later starting taking some games. Then, all of a sudden, someone called me their rival. I developed a distinctive style: patient, frustrating, and tough on punishes. Totally awesome!

The next big step for a beginning player is attending a major. Super Smash Con was my first and it opened my eyes to the wider world of Smash. I could write an entire article just my experiences at the event. I met with international players, learned new play styles, and got to witness the game being played on the big stage. Seeing Smash played in front of hundreds of fans for the first time was a thrill. Competing in a major is also vastly different from playing in a local weekly. You will face a player from another region, who you’ve probably never played before. I had the feeling of representing my region as well as myself. Out of the three hundred and fourteen players who registered for the largest SSB tournament of all time, I was one of the sixty-four to make it out of pools. I achieved my personal goal for that event. Nine months ago I didn’t even know how to short hop. If I could do it, you can too.

Jiu Jitsu Pic
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has allowed Dark Gentleman to draw parallels between the two and apply novel ways of thinking to Smash 64.

Those who are familiar with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu know that, like Smash players, grapplers experience a very unforgiving learning curve. To get good you must be prepared to lose a lot. You will probably lose to a fighter you have beaten in the past. There is also a formal tier system that denotes experience. Jiu Jitsu “power rankings” are usually known but rarely discussed. For example, it is pretty rare to hear, “Bob is a better fighter than Steve,” in the gym, even if Bob always beats Steve. With Smash that is not a possibility since results in tournament tend to speak for themselves. What I learned from fighting is this: never let past results hold you back. No one is better than you. They might just be better than you right now.

As a competitor, I think it is most important not to shackle yourself to your ranking. Amazing sets happen at every level.  When two low-ranked players battle down to the last stock in losers’ bracket… that’s hype. Go beat the number one seed at your local. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you face a higher seed, so why not give them a run for their money? That’s how I try to play. With Super Smash Con in the books, 2016 really is the year of 64. It’s an awesome game we play. It’s an all-time classic. Let’s keep playing.

Featured Picture: The Dark Gent earned a spot on the top right of Mike “Moonshoes” Paddy’s N64 signed by the top 64 out of 314 at Super Smash Con 2016.

Smash 64 Combo Contest at Super Smash Con

By Jamie “JAMJAR” Jacobs

Day 1 of Super Smash Con 2016 featured a brand new event for Super Smash Bros. 64, perhaps even for the entirety of the series. The organizers of SSC have recognized the unique potential that 64 has to create exhilarating combos. They decided to hold a combo contest for six of the top  comboers in the game. Eduardo “Tacos” Tovar, Arturo “Mariguas” Hernandez, Prince, Thomas “Kort” Keselik, Alvin “Alvin” Leon Haro and Yoshua “Dext3r” Peral Castillo competed over the course of three rounds to give the crowd the show of a lifetime. The crowd could barely handle its excitement as combo after combo unfolded, practically exploding after Prince pulled off the highlight of the night in Round 1. After an hour of fun, Prince, the combo master of lore, was named champion of the contest. Below you will find some of the highlights from this night, though the entire event deserves to be watched on VG Bootcamp’s YouTube channel for all of the combos and the great commentary work by Ryan “Clubbadubba” Clubb and Justin “JV” Varghese, the amazing hosting skills of Andre “Banze” Luiz Almeida and the funny faces our judges made while having to decide scores for these elites players.

Alvin’s Flashy First Round Falcon Combo

Kort’s Styling First Round Bomb Combo

Mariguas’ Best Attempt at His Epic Mouth Taunt Cancel Combo

Prince’s Face Melting Falcon Combo On Mushroom Kingdom

Dexter’s Shiny Fox Combo With an Explosive Finish

Prince’s Final Round Combo


Super Smash Con Preview

By: Jamie “JAMJAR” Jacobs

Super Smash Con has returned, bigger and better than ever. This year’s event marks another milestone for the Super Smash Bros. 64 community, as it has eclipsed 300 entrants for the first time in its history. Elite competitors have traveled to Chantilly, VA to battle in the first game of the series. As last year’s event was the beginning of the recent rise in popularity of this old game, many view this year’s edition as another watershed moment. Tournament organizer’s are giving Smash 64 a chance in the limelight, as the singles bracket has been given a prime time slot for Saturday afternoon. Here is everything you need to know going into what will be an epic event.

The American Defenders

Isai “Isai” Alverado has recently emerged from his own self-imposed retirement, as he will be competing in his third major of the year. Isai has not yet looked like his old self, though he has promised to play high tier character against his biggest rivals, perhaps hinting at a return to form for the legendary player. Eduardo “Tacos” Tovar has been extremely impressive of late, pushing Isai to the limit at Genesis 3 and even defeating him at SNOSA II. However, he has had trouble against his most consistent opponent: Dan “SuPeRbOoMfAn” Hoyt. He has yet to defeat the top player in North America, failing even to force him to a Game 5. Joey “KeroKeroppi” Spezoli has seemingly taken a step back in recent times. He has still failed to defeat the two men he has been striving for: SuPeRbOoMfAn and Isai. Also, despite his claims to never lose to someone who he has previously beaten, Tacos has beaten him twice this year. A few other competitors also seem to be closing the gap, including Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett, who has repeatedly pushed KeroKeroppi to the brink. Wizzrobe has been on quite a tear this year, as he forced SuPeRbOoMfAn to a Game 5 at Pound 2016 and easily won a fairly large tournament in Smash’N’Splash 2. The young master of the entire Smash series may be the one to break through and win a major with his dynamic Yoshi.

KeroKeroppi is not the only elite member of the Spezoli family, as his brother Tommy “Stranded” Spezoli is often cited as having the best tech skill in Smash 64. The fast and relentless master of the entire cast has often failed to convert that superb skill to results, though this may have changed. He won Apex 2016 in dominant fashion, hopefully signaling his braggadocious attitude will begin to be backed up by results. Two local favorites will also be in attendance, as LD “Fox” (real name omitted) and Josh “BarkSanchez” Brody will be looking to defend their home turf. Fox’s combo-heavy Fox broke onto the scene in force last year after a number of years dominating the online scene. However, his dependence on a finicky Xbox 360 controller adapter has often lead to his downfall, as the hardware can fail him at key moments. Despite this, he has been adapting quickly to console play and its unique properties. BarkSanchez has had a very active, traveling all across North America to train with the various growing scenes. His year has been marked by various highs and lows, with great finishes at Pound 2016 and SNOSA II, but also had a disappointing finish at Get On My Level.

The North American Foreigners

SuPeRbOoMfAn looks to continue his run of dominance, as he has only lost sets to foreign challengers in the last few years. Besides Genesis 3, where he lost two sets to Wario, the Canadian has won every tournament he has attended in North America since Apex 2014. Having finally put the debate over who is best in North America to rest with a manhandling of Isai at SNOSA II, SuPeRbOoMfAn can now set his eyes on the title of Best in The World. A dominant victory at Super Smash Con could push him over the edge. Fellow Canadian Thomas “Revan” Dykes is coming off a strong victory at Summit 2016 in Toronto. As he overcame a tough matchup in defeat BarkSanchez’s Pikachu twice with his Kirby, Revan looks to prove that Kirby is still strong in today’s meta. Arturo “Mariguas” Hernandez has also had an impressive year, with strong finished at Genesis 3 and SNOSA II. He pushed Isai to the limit at both events, despite falling short both times. This man from Mexico looks at this weekend’s event as an opportunity to truly breakthrough and prove his worth. Jaime “JaimeHR” Rodriguez will surely make a splash this year, as he will be teaming with SuPeRbOoMfAn in doubles, likely continuing the dominant run of the best team the game has ever seen. Team Mejor will have some strong competitors, but they have shown in the past that strong competition has failed to challenge their dominance.

Worldwide Invaders

With an epic funding effort by the Smash 64 community, top players will be attending from four non-North American countries. Some of the best from Japan, Chile, Brazil and Peru will be in attendance.Wangera (real name omitted) appears to be the best of the bunch. This master of little seen Jigglypuff was very impressive at Genesis 3 as he double-eliminated Isai. However, he struggled against SuPeRbOoMfAn, even being 5 stocked in the Top 8. This quiet Japanese assassin will certainly impressive the crowd again, as he further adjusts to the differences in the American version of the game. Legendary combo master Prince (real name omitted) has come out of retirement for this great tournament. His combo videos are among the greatest any game has ever seen, forcing players to analyze their own gameplay and push themselves and the game to their limits. Bonobono (real name omitted) is likely the greatest Yoshi player in the world. This character has seen a recent rise in the meta, as new avenues of play are being explored. In his first trip to America, Bonobono will likely show us just how far Yoshi can be pushed.

Andre “Banze” Luiz Almeida has traveled from Brazil to once again compete in America. Banze is likely the best player in Brazil, sporting a highly impressive Pikachu that can compete with the best our country has to offer. With the weight of his country on his shoulder, Banze needs a better showing than his 13th place finish at Genesis 3 to prove that Peru is not the only dominant force in South America. The combo-heavy red Link of fellow Brazilian Thomas “Kort” Keselik will also be in attendance. Though some question if his style of play can translate to success in larger events, Kort feels confident that he will impress the crowds. For the first time ever, a Peruvian player will be competing on American soil. Alvin “Alvin” Leon Haro, the best player South America has to offer, will finally have the opportunity to clash with all the top players in the world in one room. With perhaps the fastest reactions of anyone in Smash 64, Alvin is one of the favorites to take the entire tournament. If anyone can upset SuPeRbOoMfAn, Alvin may be the one. With the attendance of both Japan and Peru, Super Smash Con marks the first time these two countries will ever get to play each other.

Super Smash Con’s Smash 64 event will be the most epic ever seen. Competitors from all across the globe have come together for what can be a true jumping off point to help the scene explode in popularity. Though only one player can win it all, many strive for that difficult to reach first place finish. Tune in to twitch.tv/vgbootcamp on Friday and Saturday afternoon to catch all of the action.

64 Free For All: Super Smash Con

The 64 Free For All is a question session with some of the biggest names in Smash 64, plus a bonus section for our own BarkSanchez to voice his thoughts. 6 questions, 4 top personalities. Today we have three international players looking to make waves and the man who is the mind behind the whole event. Note: due to a translation error, Alvin was unable to answer two of these questions.

  1. With the recent revitalization of 64, the meta has been changing very quickly. Characters like Yoshi are being explored much further than previously, exposing untapped potential. Some argue that the tier list is still inaccurate and is in need of a refresh. Which character(s) do you see becoming more popular in competitive play in the near future? Which will see a drop off in usage?

Takashi “bonobono” Suyama: Pikachu is too strong so he will reign from now on. C[aptain]F[alcon] and Yoshi could exterminate rats, so they will be seen more frequently at tournaments. Kirby and Fox have advantages over C[aptain]F[alcon] and Yoshi; however, they have trouble winning against Pikachu. If asked which character will become popular compared to now, I would answer Fox. He has the potential.

André “Banze” Luiz Almeida: It is really hard to say which characters are dropping really. Yoshi has definitely improved a lot in the past few years, and I still think he has a lot to grow. I see Jiggly going up and Mario. Kirby might be going down a little bit.  I think he doesn’t have that many options to work with.

Alvin “Alvin” Leon Haro: N/A

Justin “Justin” Wykowski: This is always a fun conversation that seems to come up in full force at least a few times a year. I’m personally excited at how much growth is still left with all characters, even some of the “low tiers” – but if I had to guess, I’d say we are very much moving towards a Fox/Yoshi/Falcon future. And I think we’re already starting to witness a Kirby drop-off to be honest. Can’t wait to see where it goes!

  1. The funding projects of our scene raised quite a bit of money to bring top talent together for this premier tournament. What other players would you like to see funded going forward? How can we do a better job in raising that money?

bonobono: I want to play with wario and fukurou at a tournament using the American version. However, they can’t go to SSC, not because of money, but because of a busy schedule.

Banze: It’s a really tricky question. I really don’t have any idea on how to do a better job on raising the money because it has already done an amazing job. As far as players go, I would like to see some other Peruvians such as marka or Gerson. Though it’s really hard to get them a visa. And Japanese such as fukuro or sekirei.

Alvin: Another player I would like to see and play seriously is Jousuke.

Justin: The fundraising the 64 community has done over the last year or so is incredible. I think it’s a tough thing to wrangle with as 64 continues to get traction. One of the keys I could see going forward is other communities/new players to 64. One reason Melee exploded so quickly was the wide-appeal and support across gaming in general (even 64 players donated to the EVO drive a few years back). Soon enough though – I’m sure 64 will be up there with the big boys.

  1. Team Mejor (SuPeRbOoMfAn and JaimeHR) have been dominating the doubles scene for quite a long time. With Super Smash Con having such a large collection of talent, is there any team you think could possibly give them some trouble? Will we see an upset of this doubles mainstay?

bonobono: In Japan, team battles are not hugely popular or important because of the lag they cause in the game. So I don’t know the best team players, it may be difficult for the Japanese to defeat them.

Banze: I think so! Team LUV has been improving a lot, and now we have Alvin teaming with Isai. If there is any chance for Team Mejor to go down for the first time, it would be this.
I’m really excited for teams!

Alvin: I did not know boomfan and jaime were the best team. I only see full versus 1 on 1.

Justin: This is probably the most predictable answer – but I think Isai/Alvin take them down.

  1. SuPeRbOoMfAn staked his claim as the top player of North America with his showings this year. Who has the best chance to remove him from his position and when will that happen?

bonobono: I’ll talk about only the players I know, except the Japanese. Revan could defeat boom’s C[aptian]F[alcon] because he uses Kirby; however, boom uses Pikachu, too. So I think tacos has the best chance if he uses only Yoshi.

Banze: Well, if it is only considering NA players, tacos and mariguas have the best chances I guess, but I really don’t see anybody defeating boom any time soon. His dominance has been so big it’s really hard to think someone would take his spot in the next two years maybe.

Alvin: I don’t know if anyone in North American can beat boomfan if isai does not play seriously.

Justin: I think Boom is going to continue to be the overwhelming NA favorite until proven otherwise. But a full power Isai (Pika/Kirby) certainly poses a huge threat even at SSC. It also wouldn’t completely floor me if Mariguas took a set off Boom somewhere down the line.

  1. What is your prediction for Top 8?

bonobono: 1. Bonobono
2. boom
3. Isai
4. Wangera
5. Prince
6. tacos
7. KeroKeroppi
8. Kurabba

Banze: This year top 8 is a huge mystery. I would say we will see Boom/alvin/bonobono/wangera/mariguas/tacos/prince/isai. Not in this order tho

Alvin: N/A

Justin: Gotta go with my gut:

  1. Isai
  2. Boom
  3. Bonobono
  4. Alvin
  5. Wangera
  6. Tacos
  7. Mariguas
  8. LD (had to pick one big surprise)

6. Now for the most important question: what country will reign supreme at Super Smash Con?

bonobono: I say, “Japan”.

Banze: For the number of players, I guess Japan will be dominant. But I’ll put my money on boom for this year’s SSC!!

Alvin: Peru!

Justin: I think it’s going to be tough to top Japan, considering Isai could end up being the only American in Top 8. Japan could literally end up with 4.

Free Barking with BarkSanchez

Currently Darkhouse is loaded with legends and top players from around the world. Boom, Alvin, Prince, Banze, Dext3r, the mysterious Kurabba, Kort and other players of various skill levels are all playing friendlies and seriouslies against people they don’t have the opportunity to play frequently. Yet I’m here on a couch, writing Free Barking. Someone should tell Kero couching is legal at Darkhouse. I’m itching to play more games with Dext3r and Kort so this will be fairly brief by my standards.

Everyone is talking about how Super Smash Con is the biggest Smash 64 tournament ever. Everyone knows how stacked this event is, yet most of the focus is on singles. Several players from Genesis 3’s Top 8 could be outclassed this time. Peru vs. Japan. Isai going Trysai. Boom vs. The World. Studstill vs. Level 9 Falcon CPU. Singles has earned the hype. However, this could be a historic event for Doubles. Team Mejor (SuPeRbOoMfAn and JaimeHR) nearly dropped a set to Kero and Isai at Snosa, and did drop a set against Team Mexico (Dext3r and Mariguas). With Isai teaming with Alvin, bonobono and Prince creating Team Japan A, Wangera and Kurabba forming Team Japan B and Team Mexico coming back stronger than ever, Top 8 could create vast shifts in the doubles meta. Many will tune in to see Team Mejor potentially be eliminated for the first time in years. I’m excited to see how the other high level USA teams (Firo and Nintendude, as well as KeroKeroppi and Stranded) perform. Regardless of the outcome, more people than ever are excited to see top level doubles play, to see the best pushed to the limit. With almost as many teams registered as singles entrants for Pound, there will be no shortage upsets from top to bottom. Get ready for the hype train.

CashBark B*tches

Super Smash Con: Vendor Highlights

By: Jamie “JAMJAR” Jacobs

Super Smash Con will be a rare opportunity for Smashers of all varieties to experience the many facets of Smash outside of the games themselves. Fans of Smash 64 will have the chance to buy many unique items ranging from posters to overclocked consoles, to listen to the prominent members of the premier 64 podcast, or to replenish their stock of high quality controllers.

The Super Smash Bros. League has commissioned three pieces of art for this historic tournament. Chris “Studstill” Studstill will be on site selling these custom made posters by the head of SSBL Art and Design, Sandy “Tangerine” Tang. “Ready to Fight?” depicts the classic imagery of Dreamland, the primary legal stage across the entirety of 64. “Legalize” is an image of Hyrule Castle, the highly controversial stage that some players wish to see legalized for competition once again. “Champions, SSC Commemorative” depicts the top 4 seeds of this legendary tournament and their main character. These well-crafted pieces of art will be sold at $15, $15 and $20 respectively, or $40 for all three. SSBL members get $5 off. Poster holders will be on hand, while the vendors hope to have a few options for frames. Studstill notes, “It’s not about the sale, or profit. These are at cost. What it’s about is bettering the experience for all players of SSB64.” Tangerine also has a series of websites hosting her other art: FacebookThe Seventh StationInstagram and Tumblr.

Jim “$$$ Jim $$$” Orris is going to be heading up a panel for some of the prominent Smashers who have appeared on his well-known podcast: The Dream Land. The panelists will be $$$ Jim $$$ himself, Ben “Bacorn” Corn, Joey “KeroKeroppi” Spezoli, Stef “Pidgezero_one” Kischak and Jimmy “Jimmy Joe” McGurl. The goal of this panel will be to drum up interest in our scene as well as inform the masses about the context of some of the most intriguing rivalries. $$$ Jim $$$ wants you to know, “If you’ve ever been interested in watching 64 but don’t know where to start, we’ll help explain the utter insanity that is about to go down at Smash Con!” The panel will be held Friday, 8/12, at 10 A.M. EST.

Andy “Mr. Sir” Vargas, the founder of ENKKO, an initiative to create more sustainable stick parts for our controllers, will have a booth to show off and explain his work. This hard working entrepreneur will be set up near the Smash 64 section of the venue. Mr. Sir will have giveaways, an N64 and CRT to try out his prototypes, a list to pre-order parts and further info on his endeavor. “We are dedicated to providing the best replacement parts for the Nintendo 64 controller. After getting our Kickstarter funded, we were able to re-engineer the parts and replicate the original joystick. Soon we will have the bowl and the gears ready which will endure thorough endurance testing. We also have plans to help out the 64 scene with sponsorships and pot bonuses. All in the works.”

Prototype ENKKO stick. Photo credit: Andy “Mr. Sir” Vargasw

Kris Ianieri, wife of the man behind The Lab in Philadelphia, will be heading up a booth selling some interesting items. They will be offering both overclocked and HDMI modded consoles as well as tons of controllers. The Lab team will be promoting their stream and venue, as well as meeting their long time fans. Their booth is located in the main venue hall, not in the vendors hall. Also of note, The Lab team will be raffling off a high quality Audia Technica E70 earbuds, normally a $399 value, along with having multiple deals for a variety of other headphones or headsets. “We are so excited to meet our viewers in person and get a chance to socialize and play with smashers from all over! We are thrilled to be able to be a part of this and to spread our mission to bring people together through eSports!”


Multi-Shine Designs logo

Multi Shine Designs, headed up by Jason Kodiak, will be in attendance selling their multitude of wares. In regards to Smash 64, Multi-Shine Designs specializes in controllers of all colors. W
hile they have many controllers available, their stock will surely sell quickly due to the excitement surrounding this event. They will have a CRT and console to let potential customers try out their controllers, as each player has unique preferences in sticks. Here is a Google doc with a list of their extensive stock. “Multi-Shine Designs strives to change the way players purchase controllers. Our goal is to work with the customer to help them find what works best for them so they can perform to the best of their abilities.”

Dane “The Protagonist” Howard has recently begun a venture of creating uniquely overclocked consoles. Over the past month, he started a venture to create overclocked consoles that are easy to work as standard ones. Included in this set up are a light indicating when the console is in overclocked mode, a single switch to enable the feature and a fan. Consoles will be sold at $90 and in limited numbers, as many of his consoles are already preordered. While he will not have a booth, Protagonist will be around the venue with his wares at the ready, though he notes it is likely easier to hit him up on Facebook. He also encourages any Smasher to bring a broken overclocked console, as he will be repairing them over the weekend for $15. Protagonist is very serious about his endeavor, as he believes, “Operating an OC console should be as simple as a normal console.”