The Weekly Smashback 7/18/16: Super Smash Con Draws Near

By Jamie “JAMJAR” Jacobs and Jason “Nardwell” Mani

After a short vacation the Smashback is back. This week we look at the success that was the Super Smash Con Fund, three unsusally stacked East Coast tournaments, and the results from around the Smash 64 world.



Registration for Super Smash Con 2016 has officially ended. Along with this, all funding efforts towards this great event have also come to a close. This will officially be the largest Super Smash Bros. 64 tournament of all time, as 314 eager competitors have signed up to prove their worth. This event is not only the largest, it is also the most stacked. Top level players from three different continents will be attendance, including elites such as Isai, SuPeRbOoMfAn, Wangera, Alvin and so many more. Not only that, the field will be filled out by pretty much every mid-level player you can think of. It will truly be a highly competitive event that will surely be filled with tons of exciting upsets.

Over the course of the last few months, OnlineSSB has hosted a funding effort to bring together a wide collection of talent to SSC. As of the closing of that fundraiser, all four levels were met. The first level ensured a number of Peruvian players could apply for visas, to help them travel to American tournaments going forward. Level two funded those same Peruvians for this trip, along with Shalaka who has been acting as their intermediary during this crusade. A third level guaranteed that two top Japanese players would attend: top Yoshi, Bonobono, and the legendary combo master, Prince. A fourth stretch goal was later added as funds were quickly coming in. Wangera, the Jigglypuff main who double eliminated Isai at Genesis 3, was funded at this final level. In total, $5800.34 were raised towards this effort. Along with this primary fundraiser, the SSBL saw a need to help fund two of our Mexican brethren, as Mariguas and D3xter were looking unable to attend. These funds were quickly raised by our community, guaranteeing these two top players’ attendance. Thanks to all who have donated and spread the word to help get donations. You have been apart of history helping one of the biggest dreams yet in Smash 64 become a reality.

The Rest

Smash 64 @ The Cave Weekly

nova smash

The Super Smash Bros. weeklies at The Cave Gaming Center have rolled on in recent weeks. This week the North invaded in the form of a Baltimore landing party and a special guest from Minnesota. Rachel “Sugaaku” Vasquez made a trip to the East Coast to enjoy the stifling heat of Summer and fierce Smash 64 competition. Winners bracket went as planned until Grand Finals but we’ll get to that later. In the meantime Mr. Sir was making a glorious run through Losers bracket. The 7 seed was sent to losers by Clubbadubba in a 2-0 rout. After beating Kristoff handily in the second round of losers Mr. Sir met Studstill in losers round 3. Mr. Sir’s impressive edgeguards and stalwart patience allowed him and his Samus to sweep Studstill in a three stock and two stock. This win would guarantee Mr. Sir would out place his seed. Next up Mr. Sir was face to face with Yobolight. Yobo had sent Shears to losers and looked to use the momentum, despite having lost to BarkSanchez, to push onward. Yobo’s Yoshi had the edge in the first game and beat Mr. Sir’s Samus with a decisive two stock. Game two saw Mr. Sir comeback from down 3 stocks to 2. Mr. Sir made the adjustments for game three and dominated with a three stock putting him through to Losers Semifinals against Robert. Mr. Sir took game one to a last stock situation but Robert’s Pikachu was able to finish him off in the end. A shaken Mr. Sir was easily comboed in game two and Robert took it easily with a four stock. The run had ended for Mr. Sir and he went home with an impressive fourth place nicely overcoming his No. 7 seeding. Now back to Grand Finals, where BarkSanchez and Clubbadubba would face off. Bark had 3-0’ed Clubba in Winners Finals and was poised to take the whole tournament. Clubba was able to reset the bracket with his Pika and Falcon versus Bark’s DK and Falcon. The reset saw serious mode engaged and Bark went Pika versus Clubba’s Pika. Game one Bark took with a cool two stock, game two saw a comeback from Bark down two stocks to one, and in game three Bark took the tournament with another comback. The full bracket can be found on Advancedbrackets and replays are available on the Enkko YouTube channel.

Smash 64 @ The Cave Monthly

nova smash

This edition of the Smash 64 Monthly at The Cave drew 18 competitors. A special guest had been flown in and after spending 12 hours at the airport due to a misread itinerary, he arrived in the Old Dominion state. None other than KeroKeroppi had graced Virgina with his Smash prowess this weekend. Kero and BarkSanchez glided into Winners Finals. Game one saw Kero down by two stocks but the ruthless killing power of Captain Falcon allowed him to take four of Bark’s Pikachu’s stocks and the game while only taking 70% damage. Game two saw a similar comeback from Kero but Bark was able to hold on and win with a two stock. The titans of the East Coast traded the next two games and game five would decide the set. Kero pulled ahead two stocks fast after a losing three stocks to mistakes in game four. Kero out to prove game four a myth, summarily five stocked Bark and moved on to Grand Finals. Bark would find Starking waiting for him in Losers Finals. The first two games came down to tense last stock situations and were split by the two. Game three Bark cracked the code on Starking and won easily with a three stock. Starking held on in game four with some excellent edgeguards and forced a game five. Game five went the distance lasting just over seven minutes. It came down to a last hit situation with both players over 100% damage. Starking was able to sneak in a back air launching Bark to defeat, punching his ticket to face Kero in Grand Finals. Starking and his Kirby were able to take a lead early versus Kero’s Captain Falcon, going up four stocks to one. Despite Kero taking back two stocks without taking damage Starking was able to catch Falcon in a combo and finish him off. Kero was able to download Starking in games two and three and took them both with two stocks. Starking put in a valiant effort in game four taking it down to last stock but he wasn’t able to force a game five and Kero took the tournament. The full bracket can be found on Advancedbrackets and replays are available on the Enkko YouTube channel.

SSBL Baltimore Season 2 Week 1


The moment we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived. On Wednesday July 20th Season 2 of the Super Smash Brothers League for the Baltimore club kicked off. This season will be used to fine tune the formats of future seasons that will be played by the many new clubs who joined this spring. The commencement of the new season drew players from both Maryland and Virginia along with one from Minnesota as well. The renowned Minnesota TO Sugaaku dropped by Baltimore to have a crack at one of the strongest East Coast scenes. The most notable absence was that of LD, who’s lack of appearances cost him first place in Season 1. The new season also brings a new rule set to the Baltimore club. They have switched to four stocks and a stage counter pick system. The top two seeds easily advanced to Grand Finals, but this does not mean there were no upsets along the way. The night was hardest on Darkhorse. In his first match against Daniel he was able to take game one with his Pikachu versus Daniel’s Captain Falcon on Yoshi’s Story. Daniel then took the match up to Final Destination. Daniel was able to take advantage of the lack of recovery options by Pikachu on this stage and took the game with a two stock. Dark counter picked Metal Caver for the final match. unfortunately, the struggle didn’t end there for Darhorse. After beating V 2-1 in the first round of losers he was set to face off against Yobolight. Darkhorse would ultimately fall in the match that was played off stream and would be settled with a disappointing seventh place in week 1 of the new season. The full bracket can be found on Advancedbrackets and replays are available on Darkhorse’s Twitch channel.

Event Player Media
S@TC Weekly (VA) Full Bracket
1st BarkSanchez Twitch
2nd Clubbadubba YouTube
3rd Robert
4th Mr. Sir
S@TC Monthly (VA) Full Bracket
1st KeroKeroppi Twitch
2nd Starking YouTube
3rd BarkSanchez
4th Yobolight
SSBL Baltimore Club S2 W1 Full Bracket
1st BarkSanchez Twitch
2nd Robert YouTube
3rd MHJ
4th Shears
Emerald City 4 (WA) Full Bracket
1st CAFIL | Jason
2nd Connor
3rd Bon
Nebulous Smash 64 #8 (NY) Full Bracket
1st SunnyB
2nd JimmyJoe YouTube
3rd The Dark Gentleman
4th Reptar
Game Night #9 (MN) Full Bracket
1st Annex
2nd DLens
3rd Snowstorm
4th Phanderlanx
Grid Games Weekly 64 (CT) Full Bracket
1st Fireblaster
2nd Gildo YouTube
3rd Spongy
4th Natendo

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