Snosa II Preview: #lovesnosa

The weekend we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. The premier Smash 64 exclusive tournament is back once again, this time stronger than ever. Snosa II will feature a wide variety of activities throughout the weekend, though none is more hotly anticipated than what may happen Sunday evening.

The storylines are almost too plentiful to count. West Coast vs. East Coast in a battle for supremacy. BarkSanchez may finally face off with Heropie to finally decide which of our two premier American scenes is better. Tacos and Mariguas may get their shot at revenge over Isai for his epic victories at Genesis 3. KeroKeroppi, a man constantly embroiled in clashes with his fellow Smashers, has quite a few demons to overcome. He recently lost to Tacos at Pound 2016 and still has yet to attain the ever elusive goals of vanquishing SuPeRbOoMfAn and Isai.

Doubles too has quite a lot to offer. For the first time ever, after years of belittling the idea of playing doubles, KeroKeroppi will step into that particular battlefield. His teammate: none other than the legend Isai. The possibility of these two meshing and creating something beautiful has me excited beyond belief. Team Mejor will once again team up and look to dominate the field, as Boom and JaimeHR will show their supreme prowess at the complex intricacies that plague doubles. Elsewhere, we see the brotherly team of Barkhorse (BarkSanchez and Darkhorse) who will be looking to take down one of their elite opponents, as they try to prove that brotherly love can overcome elite talent.

Side events will be plentiful, as possibly the world’s most talented YOLO bracket will be going down on Saturday night. These events have created some of the most absurd finishes in recent memory, as no top player has ever won this particular event at a major when randomly selecting their main. Surely this may be the time when it can happen, but the YOLO curse is strong and persistent. Snosa II will also feature a fully fleshed out amateur bracket for those unlucky enough to miss Top 32. With a field as stacked as this one, such an amateur bracket would likely be anything but amateurish.

Finally, the one storyline that stands above all else. The top two players in North America could finally be facing off once again after all these years. With countless epic clashes at legendary events, we can only hope to be graced with such a set once again. The Canadian champion looks to overcome his demons and prove once and for all to the greater Smash world that he is the better player. On the other side, a slumbering legend has been awakened in 2016, as he looks to build upon his play at Genesis 3 and prove that he still has some tricks up his sleeves. SuPeRbOoMfAn vs. Isai. It’s on.

Truly, #lovesnosa.

Make sure to tune in to LA_Smash Saturday and Sunday for these events and much more. For schedules and more details, check out the page or Facebook page.


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