64 Free For All: SNOSA II

By Jamie “JAMJAR” Jacobs and Josh “BarkSanchez” Brody

The 64 Free For All is a question session with some of the biggest names in Smash 64, plus a bonus section for our own BarkSanchez to voice his thoughts. 6 questions, 4 top personalities. Today we have the three of the top seeds of Snosa II and one of its TOs to give their opinions.

  1. Snosa II marks the largest 64 exclusive event to date. In the future, Boss Battle 2 is striving to surpass it and earn that title for itself. The 64 scene seems to be moving toward hosting 64 exclusive events and minimizing the dependence on multi-game tournaments. What are your thoughts on this move?

Arturo “Mariguas” Hernández: [Translation] It really is very difficult for Smash 64 to become independent of the other Smash games (Melee, Wii U), not saying it’s impossible, but we’re not about to make an event the size of G3. I think that while these independent events are fantastic, I do not think we have the means to fully become independent soon, not if we want to be in scenarios like G3.

[Original] Realmente es muy dificil que el Smash 64 se independice de los otros Smash (Melee, Wii U), no digo que sea imposible, pero no estamos cerca de poder hacer un evento del tamaño de G3. Creo que si bien estos eventos idenpedientes son fantasticos no creo que tengamos los medios pronto para independizarnos completamente, no si queremos estar en escenarios como el del G3.

KeroKeroppi: It’s amazing. For so long we relied on the Melee community for tournaments, it’s great to see 64 players stepping up to the plate. It’s insane how much we’ve accomplished in this last year alone. I’ve been really happy with the 64 community lately.

Dan “SuPeRbOoMfAn” Hoyt: It’s great.

Daniel “SotoH” Soto: I believe we should have a hybrid approach. An approach where the community collectively commits to attending two majors we turn into “Super Majors”, such as Genesis and Super Smash Con. This mixed with an effort of every region hosting 64-exclusive tournaments that cater to our special community, that provides them with prime playing times and plentiful events for maximization of playing time for attendants. These 64-exclusives are great because we get what we want and more, which would otherwise not be provided by an all-inclusive Smash major for a smaller cost.

  1. Isai’s presence at events seems to draw the attention of non-64 fans. What other things can we do to draw in these fans to pay more attention to 64?

Mariguas: [Translation] I think we should show the world what Smash 64 is capable of. Everybody thinks not much skill is needed to play strong Smash 64. 64 is spacing and combos, in this game you can not make a mistake, there is no margin for error and that makes the final Smash 64 product is played “slow”, all play with fear, very cautious. I think if we want to draw more attention we must leave this aside and be more aggressive, more “fancy”; this calls more attention to the uninitiated to Smash 64.

[Original] Creo que hay que enseñar al mundo de lo que el Smash 64 es capaz. Todos piensa que no se necesita mucha habilidad para jugar Smash 64. Lo fuerte del 64 es el spacing y los combos, en éste juego no te puedes equivocar, no tiene margen de error y eso hace que las finales de Smash 64 sean “lentas”, todos juegan con miedo, muy precavidos. Creo que si quieros llamar más la atención debemos dejar esto a un lado y ser más agresivos, mas “fancys”, esto llamaría mucho la atención a los no iniciados en el Smash 64.

Kero: This is important. If we want this scene to grow, we need more drama. It sounds stupid, but it’s true. People in this community are too soft. We need more shit talking. We need more rivalries. We need more MMs. We need more salt. People love that shit. People will be interested in anything the moment it becomes more than a game. Shit gets HYPE when things get personal.

Boom: We need the JaimeHR GoPro stream.

SotoH: Higher frequency of our Top 8 players traveling in unison to more tournaments. With the punish game being so brutal in 64, people get discouraged quicker; that’s why the inclusion of fun events such as an amateur bracket, YOLO, etc are necessary to make players’ investments more worthwhile.

  1. Who will win the YOLO tournament and which character would be funniest for them to use?

Mariguas: I think Isai will win, and I wanna see Isai’s Link with all his power.

Kero: Boom and Isai definitely have the best chance of winning. They’re the best with low tiers. However, if any of the top dogs get their mains (i.e. Isai, Boom, Mariguas, tacos, me) no doubt in my mind they’ll win.

Boom: JaimeHR, using giant DK.

SotoH: Isai – with his mastery of the entire cast, this tournament caters to his skills. One thing to note is that in every YOLO tournament ran at a major, no one that has randomly selected their main has won the YOLO tournament (i.e. Bark at Hitstun 3, Stranded at SSC and Boom at Zenith 2014).

  1. Who would you be most excited to face in bracket and why?

Mariguas: Isai, I want my revenge a lot.

Kero: I wanna play Isai in bracket. While he’s been inactive I’ve surpassed everybody else in the United States. It’s time he loses to me as well.

Boom: JaimeHR, because he is Mejor.

SotoH: I’m conflicted between Shears, Bark and tacos. Shears because I’d like to shut down his rants about how he JV4 stocked me at ODS, Bark because he’s one of the top players I feel I have a chance at having a close set with and tacos because I’d like to see how my Kirby would do against a top level Yoshi.

  1. What is your prediction for Top 8?

Mariguas: 1 Mariguas
2 Tacos
3 Boomfan
4 Isai
5 Dext3r
6 Kero
7 Heropie
8 Kyle Tree [dropped out]

Kero: 1. KeroKeroppi
2. SuPeRbOoMfAn
3. Isai
4. Mariguas
5. Tacos
5. Dext3r
7. JaimeHR
7. Heropie / Bark the Shark IDK gonna be a good set between them

Boom: 1. Me
2. JaimeHR
3. Me or JaimeHR depending on how we do

SotoH: Hmmm, sometimes with the 64 community it’s slightly difficult to get the most accurate prediction because of dynamic players such as Isai with his infamous character-locks and JaimeHR with his on and off days. But for the sake of the question I would say:
1. SuPeRbOoMfAn
2. Mariguas
3. Isai
4. tacos
5. KeroKeroppi
6. Dext3r
7. Heropie
8. JaimeHR

  1. Now for the most important question: which is better and why, Disney Land or Disney World?

Mariguas: Disney land, I went when I was a kid and it was amazing.

Kero: I stay loyal to my OG thug 6 flags bro I ain’t fucking with no Disney land shit fuck outta here fam.

Boom: Jaimeland.

SotoH: Disneyland because we don’t get hit with hurricanes.

Free Barking with BarkSanchez

You guys.

I’m not going to hide my bias here, I truly believe a greater plan was set in motion the moment Baltimore walked into the LAS hotel room at Apex 2015. Many scenes had been working towards making 64 big, but seeing the drive from Shears, Wookiee and Sotoh to expand out tournament reach, Darkhorse’s ability to create a premiere stream from scratch over the past year and a half and watching new scenes emerge to join the effort has really been unbelieveable. Not unbelieveable as many people use the term, but actually beyond belief, as in if someone told me back then about everything that would happen following Apex 2015, I would refuse to believe it.

But here we are.

Almost 100 registrants for a 64-exclusive event. Not a world-breaking number out-of-context, but for 64 this is huge. Snosa will have all of the great tournament perks that can only come from being run by 64 players: late start times, round robin pools, amateur bracket, official YOLO bracket, Best of 5 Top 16, incredible treatment for doubles and prime stream time. There’s surely more to come on top of all of this.

The players though. SuPeRbOoMfAn. Isai. Tacos. Mariguas. KeroKeroppi. Dext3r. JaimeHR. Heropie. The list goes on. I don’t think this tournament could handle more top talent. Smash of Ages was The Godfather, Snosa II is The Godfather Part II. Smash of Ages was A New Hope, Snosa II is The Empire Strikes Back. This will be insane.

Everyone’s going on about Boom vs Isai, which may not even happen. I don’t buy for a second that Isai will go all Ness this tournament and Isai cleaned up against Tacos and Mariguas at Genesis, but Mexico gets scarier every tournament. There are so many other incredible players and potential matchups.

Top 16 looks pretty formidable. Kimimaru and Near both have easily dispatched most of LA recently, although both were also unable to topple their No. 1, Heropie. Nothing would be funnier than Shears handing Kero a second Snosa upset at the hands of Baltimore. A potential Janitor vs. Tacos would be an incredibly fun match to watch; expect some Hyrule gentlemans. SotoH and Dajjal [Karajan] both fell short at G3, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they surprise a few people. I know Darkhorse wants nothing more than to obliterate Wookiee and Madrush, though he should probably aspire for something greater in losers after the unavoidable loss to Boom.

Boom vs. Isai is cool and all, but that’s a matchup that truly needs to speak for itself. I’m excited for the possibility that Kero will get another shot at Tacos. I thought he should have gone above Mariguas based on previous performances (they lost to the same dude at G3), but the salt levels following Pound make this a must-watch. Unfortunately for Dext3r, and fortunately for us watching, Dex will probably have to face off against a fellow Mexican player in Mariguas. Isai vs. JaimeHR seems like a very cool throwback matchup. Boom likes to say Jaime has “turbo mode”, but Isai is Isai.

I won’t hide my bias here: LA and Baltimore have been waiting a long time for this one: will we finally get Heropie vs. Bark The Shark? LA’s No. 1 vs. Baltimore’s No. 1. Heropie has been on an absolute tear lately and LA has their heads so far up their own asses, but Snosa is no stranger to Bark heroics. Pick a side, we’re at war.

Doubles managed to make its way into some of the top storylines of Snosa II, as Isai announced his teammate in KeroKeroppi, a player who has been incredibly vocal about his disdain for doubles play. The second I heard Kero was going, and Isai had selected a teammate, I somehow put the absurd two and two together before the news was out. It still makes very little sense. Isai is Isai, and Kero is an incredibly talented singles player, but I think Kero’s lack of doubles experience will hold team iKero back on a significant scale. Another big piece of news was that LA opted for Round Robin Doubles Pools leading into a Top 16 bracket, with all Top 8 matches being Best of 5 as well as a Doubles Amateur Bracket. This treatment is unprecedented for 64 doubles, an event that often gets shafted. Many notable players have expressed their love for doubles, even over singles, so this news will be a breath of fresh air for them. Although I think much more often about singles, I love playing doubles just as much, and I was happy to see this idea come to life, as I had offered it to LA only as a pipe dream. Hopefully tournaments in the future will adopt similar formats, as the 64 community is incredibly lacking in doubles experience. These measures will help us improve at a quicker rate and help build camaraderie amongst players.

Team Nearopie looks to be a strong threat, but Heropie has not seen much success in teams and did not even enter Genesis 3 doubles. Near and Mariguas underperformed at G3, but this time Mariguas is teaming with Dext3r, who was part of the team that eliminated him at G3. Team Mexico, Dext1guas, looks terrifying, perhaps moreso than iKero. Team Taquitos, aka Tacijoe, aka Tacos and Jimmyjoe, took down Barkhorse (technically HorseSanchez) at ODS, and pushed Team Mejor to the brink, albeit Mejor didn’t go mains until they needed to. Regardless, Team Taquitos nearly took a game off Team Mejor’s mains, which puts them in the conversation. Tacos is one of the best teams players in the game, and Jimmyjoe is an incredible supporting player, but will they be able to handle a vastly improved Barkhorse? My bias does have a limit, but it tells me, “2nd place, right?”

Snosa will be lit.

Nothing good in life is free, except Kero.


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