Rest Town Preview: ZZZ’s Will Be Rare

By Jamie “JAMJAR” Jacobs

Another month, another Midwest regional. This growing region has once again geared itself to host a diverse array of talent, this time in the form of Rest Town.

With 33 Smashers pre-registered for the 64 event, and more expected to register at the door, Rest Town is sure to be an exciting opportunity for all involved. Whether you are a big name looking to add another notch to your belt or an up-and-comer trying to make a name, this tournament has it all. Attendees are mostly from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, though a few travelers are coming from New Jersey, Maryland and Nevada.

The prohibitive favorite is BarkSanchez, a man who has made it his duty to travel the country destroying the dreams of the feeble locals. Hipstur, an online legend trekking all the way from Nevada, looks to challenge the man from Maryland. Some of the more local talent could also prove troublesome, as Kentucky Kirby main Amida, Michigan tournament organizer AndyKinz, Ohio top player Cyoonit and Indiana main stay Dogs_Johnson attempt to defend their turf.

Coming off his victory at the Xanadu Spring Arcadian, Smash Writer JAMJAR looks to continue his hot streak. The other Smash Writer, Nardwell, will also be looking to break out in a big way as he tries to prove his worth on the big stage. Many local crowd favorites will also be in attendance, as Bacorn, Dasit Mane, Blahguy and more will be like sharks in the water as they try not to drown in pools.

The festivities will be kicking off with the Rest Town Salty Suite on Friday night. Located at Boss Battle games, the multitude of players will be looking to settle some disputes that have been brewing for some time. Headlining the night will be a 20 dollar money match between Bacorn and JAMJAR. These two have practically been at each others’ throats online, as the contentious relationship will move onto the battlefield of Smash. WDYHSSM will be enduring a gauntlet of challengers against his newly acquired Link, as he attempts to train it up to tournament ready status. Bacorn and Meerkat will be facing off in the famed root beer challenge, where the loser has to chug a tall glass of Barq’s Root Beer. The burn will be real.

Unfortunately, the Salty Suite will not be streamed due to limited Internet access at the venue. However, be sure to tune in to the ND64 Twitch channel starting at 11:30 a.m. EDT on Saturday for the main event.


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