64 Free For All: Get On My Level 2016

The 64 Free For All is a question session with the biggest names in Smash 64. 6 questions, 4 top personalities. Today we have four of the top 8 seeds at GOML to give their opinions.

  1. The GOML compendium included a goal of funding SuPeRbOoMfAn to attend the tournament. While it helped to bring one of our greatest players to the event, it also opened a potential controversy of some people being funded to go while others need to pay their own way. What do you think about this conundrum?

Thomas “Revan” Dykes: I honestly think that the more talent, the better. I personally have attended events because there was that one guy I wanted to beat who was going too. Events often snowball in this way, and I think that if a SuperMajor is ever going to be in Canada, then a compendium is going to be the driving force behind it.

KeroKeroppi: I think it’s great. As a competitor, I get to play somebody that pushes me to my limits. As a fan of the game in general, I think it’s important that top players attend major tournaments. I mean, that’s what makes them majors, right? What would GOML be without boomfan, the best player in North America right now? One top player can bring out other top players and it takes only one top player to bring out dozens of mid/low level players. I fully support the funding of top players.

Javier “Fireblaster” Romero: I think you have to look at this in a case by case scenario. Here we have GOML 2016, Canada’s first big 64 major with international players, and boomfan who is arguably No. 1 in NA right now. It wouldn’t make much sense for the best player to not be able to attend the first major in his own country. I think the funding was important because this is a tournament that boomfan would not have been able to attend otherwise due to his lack of funds. As far as anyone else being upset that he gets paid to go and everyone else has to travel, don’t complain unless you can bring as much value as boomfan can. Having NA’s No. 1 player at this major brings value, hype and legitimacy and that’s why he deserves to be funded.

Marco “The Z” Jardak: It makes no sense for this to be controversial. Boom was funded because people chose to donate and he wouldn’t have been able to attend otherwise.

  1. With this being the biggest Smash 64 event in Canada’s history, how do you think GOML will help the Canadian scene moving forward? Would you like to see more majors and players traveling across the border for 64?

Revan: I think this tourney will be great to give exposure to top Canadian talent. Since all the majors happen in the States, our scene isn’t well represented in the console community. Hopefully with this event we can really rally up some pro-Canada attitude, and head down to an American major to take home some of that sweet American green.

Kero: I think the best way it is going to help is the advancement in meta that will occur for Canadian smashers in the months following GOML. Whenever top players visit a region, that region’s players almost always seem to get a lot better afterwards. I’m excited to see how much the Canadians improve after GOML.

I wish more Americans would have gone to this tournament, but for Canada’s first real big 64 event, I’m happy with the turnout. I think our community is pretty good when it comes to traveling to tournaments. I’m always impressed at the number of players willing to fly to nationals.

Fireblaster: This will definitely give a huge boost to the growth and development of the Canadian scene. Showcasing a lot of the Canadian and international talent in Toronto will help spark interest and attract players from all different areas. One thing that’s kind of related is that if majors start to pick up in Canada it could become the battlegrounds for battles between the big hitters from Peru and Japan because getting entry to Canada is more lenient than getting into the US. This is especially relevant regarding the recently denied US visa to Gerson from Peru.

The Z: GOML will be an opportunity for all Eastern Canadians who have only attended small locals and regionals to test the waters for future international events, and see how they fare against some of the world’s best without having to carry their passport or exchanging currency. The turnout for out-of-country attendees is way beyond my expectations, and I’m eager to see how Canada will defend against the invaders.


  1. In a disappointing turn of events, there aren’t many USA vs. Canada matches projected for Top 8 despite the Top 8 being split evenly between these two countries. What are your thoughts on the seeders going with hard seeds for the Top 8 instead of making adjustments to avoid regional conflict and ensure some highly anticipated USA vs Canada matches?

Revan: I would have preferred to adjust the seeding to make the tourney more interesting, especially since it wouldn’t completely throw the bracket upside-down. We’ll still see some interesting matches play out I think, it’s just a shame that we won’t really get to see a bunch of sets I was really looking forward to.

Kero: I was on the seeding team for this event and I was actually one of the main people arguing for hard seeding. I am extremely against manipulating Top 8 matches for the sake of excitement. How do you tell a top competitor, somebody who has put hundreds of hours into the game, that they probably won’t place as well because the fans want to see USA vs. Canada? It’s wrong. Pools and lower level matches? Sure. Was the seeding for top 8 at this event been highly debated? Sure. But for such a defined Top 8 (if I remember correctly, every single seeder had the exact same 1-7), I am extremely against making adjustments.

Fireblaster: It’s unfortunate but this is the fairest way to do it without negatively affecting any one person overall. Any changes to ensure more Canada vs. USA matches would heavily screw over 1 or 2 players from Top 8, which is never fair just for the sake of entertainment or a more “interesting” tournament.

The Z: I’m unaware of the full details behind that decision but I believe true seeding should be prioritized over avoiding same region matchups.

  1. USA and Canada will be playing a highly anticipated crew battle at this event. Which country will prove superior and by how many stocks?

Revan: Given no boom, a 5 stock crew battle has Canada winning by over a player. Knowing that, you can expect to see a bit of a sweep if we do 4 player crews.

Kero: Well stock count depends on player count and to be honest I’ve payed no attention to the crew battle discussion or who will be competing in it LOL so I have no idea. USA will win though. Boom, Z, and Revan are really good. But they need more than that to take on the Americans.

Fireblaster: USA will win by 4 to 8 stocks. Sorry boom but I’m not sure how well you can carry an entire Canadian crew on your back against the likes of Kero, Bark, and Wizzrobe.

The Z: It will be close but Canada will win by at least 2 stocks.

  1. What is your prediction for Top 8?

Revan: 1. Boom. He loses to nobody.
2. Revan. It’s either going to be me or Z in this spot, but I’m feeling confident this week.
3. Kero. I’d put him at 4, but he has the benefit of seeding. I really want to see him vs. Z, but unless I’m outed early, that’s not going to happen.
4. Z. It’s literally impossible for him to get any lower, same with me. This is where we meet in losers.
5. HTom/Wizzrobe. I don’t see Wizzy getting any lower, but not really any higher either. HTom has the nicest path possible, with his first iffy set being against Bark the round before this one.
7. Bark/YBOMBB. I think Fireblaster deserves this spot, but due to Canadian players being underrated he’s going to have a hard path. Bark and Bombb are both strong players, and Bark might make it up to fifth.

Honestly there’s a good amount of ways I could see this tourney playing out, I’m really looking forward to how all of these guys are gonna do.

Kero: 1. KeroKeroppi
2. SuPeRbOoMfAn
3. Wizzy
4. Z
5. Revan & Fireblaster
7. Bark the Shark & HTom

Fireblaster: 1st – SuPeRbOoMfAn

2nd – KeroKeroppi

3rd – Revan

4th – Bark The Shark

Tied for 5th – Wizzrobe, The Z

Tied for 7th – HandsomeTom, Jam

The Z: 1. SuPeRbOoMfAn
2. The Z
3. Revan
4. KeroKeroppi
5. Wizzrobe
6. Jam
7. Fireblaster
8. BarkSanchez

  1. Now the most important question. Which is better: Canadian bacon or American bacon? Why?

Revan: Lol I don’t eat meat.

Kero: ur mom.

Fireblaster: American bacon. It’s so good that too much of it kills you.

The Z: I haven’t eaten much American bacon but from what I remember, Canadian bacon is better lol.


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