Metro Smash Masters 2 Preview: Storming the Peaches

This weekend, the Metro Smash Masters series returns to Georgia with the second rendition of a seemingly annual event. This year, the tournament, headed by Tournament Organizer David Setzler, will feature Smash 64 for the first time. In addition to Smash 64, a slew of other fighting games will be played, and up to $700 in pot bonuses will be distributed. Metro Smash Masters 2 looks to build on the success of its predecessor, which drew 75 contestants to the Peach State.

Although an attendee list has not been released, up to 30 competitors are expected to compete in Smash 64. Most notably, the Florida Smash 64 community is expected to be present, rounding up their posse to challenge the Georgia scene on their home turf. MrMarbles, nothing, and TANK, who have previously faced Georgia’s finest in Florida, have all been enticed by the $200 pot bonus offered by MSM 2 to travel and face them as the visiting team.

Nothing spars with JAMJAR during friendlies at the Pound 2016 Salty Suite.

The locals competing this weekend include Kirbstomper, NTA, and caneut. At Shuffle VIII, Kirbstomper was able to make it out of pools but went 0-2 in bracket after being shut down by the Ohio elites. NTA and caneut represent a pair of online warriors who have been slowly transitioning to the console based scene. All three players attended Hitstun 3, in Plano, Texas in December, with NTA’s stalwart Mario pulling off a strong victory against Shears.

Florida will be coming in strong, as the Captain Falcon duo of TANK and nothing have both finished in the Top 5 at recent Florida Regionals. MrMarbles and nothing attended both Come to Papa and Frame One, while TANK attended only the former. Florida is expected to build upon this run of formidable performances at Metro Smash Masters 2, as TANK and nothing are both coming off of impressive placings at Pound 2016, in addition to their regional success.

Florida won’t be the only outsiders expected to pose a threat at MSM 2, the people of the Sunshine State will be faced with a foe both familiar and fearsome. CTG, Texas’s tenacious Jigglypuff main placed second at Come to Papa,  behind Florida’s second ranked Yoshi main, sHEERmADNESS. CTG managed to beat both MrMarbles and TANK along the way. He also placed ninth at the stacked Shuffle VIII event in Ohio. CTG looks to continue his streak against the Floridians, who will not have sHEERmADNESS to defend them this time around, carrying the momentum of a solid third place finish at Fight Night in Texas. Fight Night was the first Smash 64 tournament of its kind to also integrate a fitness challenge with notable attendees that included Gravyfingers and NaCl.

This just includes confirmed challengers, look out for surprises from those who have not yet committed. For more information on the event check out their Facebook Page. The full event schedule can be found on this colorful google doc. The event will be streamed on Caneut’s Twitch Channel.


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