The Secret Boss of Lake Havasu

By Jason “Nardwell” Mani
This weekend, a looming shadow descends upon Lake Havasu City. The ground shakes as he approaches and the members of the Havasu Smash Club gird themselves for the challenge ahead. The past few weeks, the Havasu Smash Club has seen some surprising shakeups in their brackets. Most notably, the impressive run by upstart SonicFuzz, the padawan of Daniels himself. This is a promising sign for the Havasu Smash 64 community, showing that they are capable of producing talent that is able to grow and learn extremely fast.

This mysterious challenger approaching the small oasis in Western Arizona looks to add a few more trophies to his long list of defeated smashers. The knights of Havasu will have been honing their skills all week in preparation for the great adversary if they hope to be able to dent him in competitive play. This weekend will truly be a test of skill for the Southwest, which is mostly unproven outside of California.

The strange competitor from a far off land will be an excellent benchmark for the burgeoning scene and will show how much work may need to be put in to go toe to toe against the big boys. The enigmatic opponent will be there not only to try and take the Havasu students’ lunch money, he will also be there to teach them the way of the smasher and help them improve their game. The weekend will also be used as a drawing of the Havasu Crew. It’s not always easy to make every weekly and this event allows members who are a bit further from the epicenter to shoot for a premier tourney to try and make it out too.

This weekend will be marked by some specially prepared events by Daniels, as he is going to give the special guest the gold-package experience. The host will be showing off the best aspects of Havasu, including jet-skiing on Lake Havasu, off-roading, and playing Smash 64. He will also be giving the members of the scene one-on-one time with this great player, allowing them all to grow and learn from his knowledge. These events will surely give the guest many positive things to talk about, promoting Havasu to the wider scene as a haven for Smash.

This event was born out of the love of the game by Cody “Daniels” Daniels. A man who has faced extreme adversity recently and got into Smash 64 out of necessity after being homebound by health issues. He hopes to use this event as a catalyst to help bring exposure to and grow his beloved Havasu Smash scene. Check out The Secret Boss of Lake Havasu this Saturday at 11 p.m. EST 8 p.m. PST on

To stay up to date on the happenings of the Lake Havasu Smash Club and The Smash Writers remember to follow them on Twitter @CodyDaniels88 and @Smash_Writer and like the Havasu Smash 64 and The Smash Writers page on Facebook


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