Frame One Preview: The Quest to be Frame Perfect

By Josh “BarkSanchez” Brody

April 9th kicks off Frame One, another event in an area that has been jam-packed with tournaments lately. Frame One looks to build off of the momentum in the Orlando scene, fueled by several weekly and biweekly events, as well as the huge success of Come to Papa in March. While CTG and TANK will be missing from this event, the presence of Florida’s top player, Wizzrobe, will make up for it. The young prodigy has been a dominant presence both in and out of Florida over the past few years, adding to the incredible Yoshi talent in the area, alongside veteran sHEERmADNESS.

It’ll be interesting to see if MrMarbles can advance further during this tournament, as his nemesis from Come to Papa, CTG, will not be flying out for this event. Marbles has proven capable of taking sets off of sHEERmADNESS in the past, and won’t have CTG standing in his way this time.

The loser of this match will likely face an equally terrifying threat in nothing. The fresh Falcon main has made incredible strides since his debut at Super Smash Con 2015, culminating in a strong 17th placement at a stacked Pound 2016. Nothing blazed through a pair of online warriors in Umbra and fck vwls, the latter touted as a Top 8 threat by his Canadian brethren. After nearly taking a set from sHEER at CtP, nothing collapsed down the stretch in Loser’s bracket. While an upset against Wizzrobe on Winner’s side seems unlikely, the confidence built from a strong performance at Pound could potentially power nothing to a Top 3 spot.

Before he can even start to worry about Wizzrobe, nothing will likely face his other nemesis, BT. The rising Kirby main made a strong debut in the Florida Smash 64 Power Rankings, taking 7th after only a few months in the scene. These two most recently faced off at Come to Papa, with nothing emerging victorious in a tight 2-1 set. The next chapter in this growing rivalry should be just as exciting.

Expect to see several other familiar names, such as Antwon420, Bamster, Hoofy, and Sinbad. While Bamster sent Antwon to Loser’s at Come to Papa, Antwon went on a strong Loser’s run, notching a solid 7th place finish. The competition between these players is fierce, and any one of them could take out the others for a shot at the big dogs.

The bracket is scheduled to start this Saturday at 1:30 PM EST. Be sure to tune in to Polaritygg for the stream of Top 8. Videos will be posted on Polarity.

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