The Weekly Smashback 3/28/16: But Where’s Pound?!

By Jamie “JAMJAR” Jacobs and Jason “Nardwell” Mani

Every Tuesday we will be posting reviews of the past week in Smash 64. This week we travel to historical birthplace of America’s independence and provide brief results for some other events in our scene. Our Pound recap will be located in its own article, as it will be quite extensive.

Small Scene Spotlight: Philadelphia


This week we travel to the City of Brotherly Love, where a group of dedicated Smashers have grown from being attendees of Xanadu to having a scene of their own. James “Moosh” Ianieri had been hosting a Smash monthly since May of 2015. This enterprising gentleman saw an opportunity to unite the Smash scenes in his area, leading to the Philadelphia scene we have today.

The success of his Brotherly Love monthlies allowed Moosh to open his own gaming lounge, known as The Laboratory. Not long after this, Moosh received word that there was a group of 64 players who were interested in starting a scene of their own, as previously these players had to travel to Baltimore in order to attend regular tournaments. Hearing of their plight, Ianieri invited them to start hosing monthlies at The Laboratory with the other games. Starting in December of 2015, Smash 64 monthlies were an official event for this Southeast Pennsylvania scene. With the help of his cousin, Nick “Miniohh!” Minioh, Moosh was able to spread the word that 64 would be part of the Brotherly Love Classics. The Smash 64 events started small, with only 3 players attending. However, in the past few months, it has grown to 10 consistent players, even managing to bring in the travelling Baltimore trio of BarkSanchez, Shears, and Darkhorse.

This scene has a few stand out players who have been making names for themselves. Finio is easily their top player, proving himself as a strong competitor at every event has attended. In fact, he is currently the top player for the region’s ELOranking. This Pikachu main consistently takes first place at their weekly events. Q! is easily Finio’s biggest rival in the region. While he is a relative newcomer, having moved to the area only a few months ago, his Captain Falcon has proven to be an issue for competitors. This scene’s third ranked player is a Captain Falcon main who goes by LL KD3. He is an up and comer in the scene, managing to take down all competitors aside from Finio. Bloodpeach is also a strong player, though Moosh notes that he is more known for his skill in doubles. This Yoshi main is no slouch in singles either, taking down such names as Finio and LL KD3. The last notable player in the scene is Miniohh! As noted earlier, this Pikachu/Kirby main helped Moosh start the scene, though his own 64 career began when the scene did. Miniohh! is most notable for helping to run the 64 events, though he has been improving his skills in tournament as well.

Currently, this scene is home to both weeklies and monthlies. Every Tuesday, The Laboratory hosts Smash @ The Laboratory (S@LT). The monthlies are generally planned for the third or fourth Saturday of the month. Though these events are relatively small now, the growth since the scene began has been tremendous. Moosh hopes to see this growth continue in the coming months, expecting his weeklies to expand to 20 consistent entries and his monthlies to grow further to 30. While current members do not have any history at larger events, expect to see some of their names making waves down the line.

To follow the growth of this scene, follow Bros_Calamity on Twitch. The S@LT stream begins at 6:30 p.m. EST every Tuesday. Keep an eye out on Facebook for announcements of their Brotherly Love Classics monthly events. Videos of their tournaments are hosted by Bros. Calamity on YouTube.

The Rest

Havasu Smash 10

Lake Havasu

This week marked the tenth edition of the Lake Havasu weekly. The desert Smashers had their bracket rattled this week by the upstart protégé of Daniels himself. The event drew six challengers this time around. SonicFuzz has been training with Daniels for the past few weeks and this week he got the chance to face his master in Grand Finals after making a full losers bracket run. After being knocked out of winners by Dustin, SonicFuzz was set to face him once more in Losers Finals. They took this set all the way to the end and SonicFuzz came out on top 3-2. SonicFuzz left Bdawg and Dustin in his wake, in fourth and third place respectively, during this exciting run. When it came down to the final showdown between master and pupil, SonicFuzz was unable to prevail and folded under the pressure of Daniels. The replays can be foud on the Havasu Smash 64 YouTube channel. You can watch these Smashers on themrdaniels on Twitch.

The Smash Loft #64


The Smash Loft achieved true Smash 64 harmony this week during the 64 rendition of its weekly. This week’s bracket drew an impressive 14 competitors. One of the most exciting additions to celebrate the 64th weekly was the wearing of Pikachu party hats by the Smashers that mained Pikachu. The most notable upset of this bracket was during the first round, when Wincancel took out Thord 2-1. After being sent to loser’s by HandsomeTom, gogoboydancer made a nice run back to Losers Finals where he met Htom once more. Gogoboydancer put up a good fight, but Htom prevailed, winning 3-1. On his way to Losers Finals, gogoboydancer relegated Commander to 4th place during a 2-1 victory. Htom had a strong showing this week. He was the two seed and made it to Winners Finals without dropping a game. Once there he met The Z, and showed his prowess by taking The Z to Game Five. Unfortunately, Htom lost in the end and was sent to Losers Finals. He was able to make it back to Grand Finals however, for the rematch. Once again he took the set to the max and once again he could not finish it off, allowing The Z to take it all this week. This event was streamed on the SSBMontreal Twitch channel and replays will be on their YouTube channel.

Put A Stock In It


Put A Stock In It is a Smash 64 biweekly in Saint Paul Minnesota. It averages nine or more contestants at each tournament. This week they ran a round robin tournment that included seven players, instead of a double elimination bracket. This tournament saw a flawless showing by one of their top players. dLENS took home first place without dropping a single game. SaltyRoach and Thaco both finished 4-2, but SaltyRoach won the head-to-head, placing him second and leaving Thaco with third. TNW took home a respectable fourth place going 3-3.This fast growing Smash 64 scene is full of dedicated and passionate members led by Rachel “Sugaaku” Vasquez. Look for them to snag some of the spolight in the near future. Streams can be viewed on the SMASH_MN Twitch Channel.

Want to be included in The Weekly Smashback results, have a small scene you want to see in the spotlight? Shoot us an email at and we’ll be sure to make you a part of a future edition.


Event Player Media
Pound Full Bracket
1st SuPeRbOoMfAn
2nd tacos
3rd KeroKeroppi (jojo spezoli)
4th Revan
5th Wizzrobe
5th Bark The Shark
7th Fox
7th Firo
Havasu Smash 10 Full Bracket
1st Daniels Twitch
2nd SonicFuzz YouTube
3rd Dusttin
4th Bdawg
Smash Loft #64 Full Bracket
1st The Z Twitch
2nd Htom YouTube
3rd gogoboydancer
4th Commander
Put A Stock In It Full Bracket
1st dLENS Twitch
2nd SaltyRoach
3rd Thaco
4th TNW
S@X Full Bracket
1st BarkSanchez Twitch
2nd LD YouTube
3rd Daniel
4th Shears
Throwback 9 Full Bracket
1st NaCl Twitch
2nd JayR YouTube
3rd Gravyfingers
4th Neat
SixtyFourSundays Full Bracket
1st Hero Pie Twitch
2nd Janitor YouTube
3rd Eggmode
4th Wookiee
Smash 64 @ The Cave Full Bracket
1st Clubbadubba Twitch
2nd Nothing
3rd Rusty
4th Dizzle



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